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I did not weigh in this Friday.  Kids had a doctor’s appointment that conflicted.  I did weigh in at home and I was up about half a pound over last Friday.  I had a pretty good week.  I ate about the same overall calories per day as the week before.  It was a little front loaded with more eating out than usual, particularly with Father’s Day.  Also I burned more calories per day this week than last week, since I got my exercise bike and used it several times.  So, Fitbit said I should have lost about .7 pounds this week.

On the other hand, last week I weighed in for a 2.2 pound loss at Weight Watchers which was way more than Fitbit says I should have lost.  So, I wasn’t expecting to lose much, if anything, this week.  Still, it is annoying to be up half a pound although I didn’t really think it is a real gain.  We’ll see what happens when I weigh in next Friday.

Otherwise, I was basically happy with the week.  I used the exercise bike 4 days: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’m only using it for 20-25 minutes at a time since I want to take it a bit easy getting back into exercise given my knee.  The first 3 days I did some mild programs on the bike that were mostly at resistance one, going up to 3 sometimes.  I started to do one program and at the easiest level, it quickly went to resistance 7 and my knee immediately protested.  So I backed that one way down. Wednesday I did something different.  I kept the resistance on 1 but for 20 seconds of every minute I would speed up as much as I felt that I could, then for the other 40 seconds I would slow down.  I did think for just over 20 minutes.  I found that doing this my heart rate got up higher and I burned more calories per minutes per my heart rate monitor.



Doing this, I burned 5.9 calories a minute while in my other sessions on the bike I burned 4.4 to 5.2 calories per minute.  So, next time I use the bike I will do this again.

I planned to take Wednesday off from the bike since I had used it 3 days in a row, and then planned to do it Friday and to go to the Y to use the elliptical on Saturday.  But, we got home later than I thought we would and, then, my desktop computer died.

I was using my desktop computer and writing something really long (not blog related) where I had taken a lot of notes in Word.  Then, my computer just froze and totally died.  And, I can’t get it to boot or do anything.  There is just nothing on the screen.  I’m worried it is the main SSD drive or that is the motherboard.  I’m not really worried about my data since I keep that on a different drive.  Also, I have an external back up from a few weeks ago.  But, if that is what is wrong with the computer I have to send it back to the manufacturer to be repaired.  It is a nice Falcon Northwest gaming computer.  The only downside was that the warranty service requires sending it back to the manufacturer.  That’s OK, but I hate not having my nice, fast, spiffy desktop with my two large monitors.  Right now, I’m typing this on one of my notebook computers.  (We have two.  One is a 17″ that is basically a spare computer that isn’t very portable and the other is a Lenovo that I actually use as a notebook).

So, tomorrow we have to get in touch with Falcon Northwest and see if they can come up with any solution over the phone.  If not, then I’ll be without my main computer for awhile.

Anyway, by the time I finished trying to figure out what was wrong (totally unsuccessfully) and then redid on my notebook the stuff I had been working on, it was too late to start using the exercise bike.  So, I ended up not doing any exercise today.

On the more positive note, though, I am now off the walker so I was able to walk when we were out and about today.  That was great.  Also, I have a physical therapy appointment on Monday to start doing weight bearing physical therapy.  And, I hope to get to the Y to use the ellipticals this weekend.

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