At the Y!

We made our first trip to the Y yesterday.  This was my first opportunity to use the Elliptical:


I wanted to be careful with my knee since I am trying to find out if the elliptical will bother my knee.  So I put it at the lowest resistance and slope and put on  my heart rate monitor and hoped to use it 10 minutes this first time.  After about 5 minutes, I could see my heart rate getting a little above where I wanted it to be so I slowed down a little and it came back to the range I wanted it.  I noticed about that time that I could feel a little pressure in the knee.  It wasn’t painful, but I could feel some pressure.  I went ahead and finished the 10 minutes.  Knee feels fine today though.

Charles was still on the elliptical so I wandered over to the weight machines.


This took awhile since these machines were different from those at the Y we used to belong to, so I had to read through the instructions on the machines.  But, I worked it out and spent about 25 minutes on the machines.


I wore my heart rate monitor during everything and my Fitbit gave me very active minutes for the entire thing so I was happy about it.  I didn’t do the leg extension since my knee surgeon years ago told me not to do them.   I only did lower body exercises that I knew were OK for my knee.  There were a few lower body machines I wasn’t sure about so I took pics of them and will talk to the physical therapist about them.

And, yesterday was the first day since  the doctor put me on the walker that my Fitbit says I burned over 1600 calories!  Of course, I was typically burning more than that the first part of the year before the leg and knee thing.  Still this is much better than the 1400 calories a day I was burning according to the Fitbit when I was using the walker non-weight bearing.

By the way, on the accuracy of activity monitors, I read this article about the accuracy of fitness monitors on estimating calorie burn.  The Fitbit One (what I am using now) placed third with an error rate of 10.4%.  First was the BodyMedia FIT at 9.3% and second was the Fitbit Zip at 10.1%.  That seems a little high based upon measuring my weight loss against what Fitbit says is my calorie deficit (based upon subtracting what I eat per MFP from the Fitbit estimated calorie burn), but fairly reasonable.  And, in the end, the Fitbit doesn’t have to be totally accurate for me in estimating the calorie burn so long as it is fairly consistent for me.  In my case, I find that it does give higher burn numbers on days I’m active and lower numbers when I’m not, so I do find it useful.



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