Going to Physical Therapy

I went to physical therapy today for my leg/knee.  I had gone a couple of times a few weeks ago, when I was on non-weight bearing status on the walker.  I was taught some non-weight bearing exercises and told that I do them at home, unless I just wanted to do them there.  It was suggested that I come back once I could bear weight.

Now that I’m off the walker, I went back today.  I warmed up on the exercise bike then did about half an hour’s worth of exercises.  Several were done standing, while she added 2 pound ankle weights to some of the exercises done on the table.  While I was doing the exercises, I told her about my visit to the Y on Friday and she had no problem with me having down the specific lower body exercises that I did there.  I did ask her about one exercise machine I was unfamiliar with:Y4

She looked at the picture of the exercise and said it was OK for me to do it.

At the end of my exercises, she said that I could the exercises at home.  She gave me a couple of the elastic bands and I will need to buy a 2 pound ankle weight.  Basically, she said that since I had already gone to the Y and started doing the lower body exercises she thought I would do fine at home doing the exercises she gave me.  She did say I could call or come back if I ran into any problems.  I was fine with doing the exercises at home.  They are time consuming but not terribly difficult (I can do them while watching TV) and I would just as soon save the co-payment and the driving time.

Tomorrow, I think we will go back to the Y and do the elliptical again, although it may depend upon when (if) we finally get a return call about the crash of my desktop computer I talked about on Friday evening.  Right now I am a little ticked off.  The computer is still under warranty so we placed a support call Saturday morning (company has support hours 7 days a week).  The recorded message says to leave a message and they will call back, as they don’t like people to be on hold.  I had a support call awhile back and it took about 24 hours to get a return call (which I thought was too long then).

Saturday night, about 24 hours after my computer stopped rebooting, I turned on the computer and this time it booted.  So, I am using it.  But it has been having this off and on problem for a few weeks so I need to find out what is going on.  Sunday afternoon having not heard anything yet, I emailed the company and got a return email Sunday night that I was #9 on the list (bear in mind we placed the initial call on Saturday morning, so after 2 full days I was still #9 on the list).  I was asked to describe more about the problem, so I sent an email last night doing so.  Well, we still haven’t heard from them.  The earliest I expect to hear anything is Tuesday morning which is 3 days after placing the call, which I think is an unacceptable delay in providing warranty service.

One reason I’m upset is that if I need to have any hardware work done on the computer I have to ship it to the manufacturer for the repair and then ship it back.  On July 3, I am supposed to be running an online game on a forum that go to.  I am expecting that to be very intense, requiring me to be at my computer a lot and I will have to do a lot of writing.  I would much prefer to do that on my desktop, than on my notebook.  So, I was wanting to find out ASAP whether I need to ship the computer in so I could try to get a quick turnaround.  Every hour of delay just makes it more difficult.  Not in a good mood right now.


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    It sounds like you’re improving! It must be a relief to add the various weight exercises to your routine & knowing that you’re getting stronger.

    Hope you get your computer problems sorted out.
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