6 Month Blogoversary

This is my 6 months blogoversary since I posted my very first post to this blog.  This is a good time to reflect on the blog and my weight loss progress.

Overall, I am happy with the blog.  This will be my 92nd post to this blog which is about 15 posts a month.  I would sort of like to post more.  Part of the reason I didn’t was because of the saga with my leg injury and my bad knee.  When I was just sitting around not moving much, it was hard to post as often.

When I first started 6 months ago, I had this fear that no one would ever read this or ever comment.  I was so happy when I started receiving comments.  To this day, I absolutely love it when I get a comment (well, non spam ones that is).  It is like receiving a present.  I am just always so thankful for my readers and that anyone takes the time to actually post a comment.  It is all appreciated so much.  Now that I am able to be more active and exercise more, I plan to post more often.

WW 6 months


6 months ago when I started posting here, I had just weighed in at 186.8 pound.  That was just over 20 pounds down from my high recorded weight of 207.4 pounds (from about 6 years earlier).  Above is a graph of my Weight Watchers weigh ins from that December 27 weigh in to my weigh in last Friday at 165.8 pounds.  The overall weight loss of 21 pounds makes me very happy.  Yes, it isn’t as high as the weight loss I secretly wanted when I started this blog.  I always say that any loss is good.  But, being human, I had this sort of quiet desire to lose 1 1/2 pound a week.  I knew that 2 pounds was out of the question.  The math didn’t work.  But a pound and a half was something I thought I could just maybe work up to.  And, maybe I could have if I hadn’t had the trabecular bone injury (which, by the way, still hurts despite having used a walker for 6 weeks).  You can see from the graph how my weight loss slows during February and that represents the time when I started having trouble with my knee and leg.  The bottom line is that my weight loss has averaged closer to .8 pounds a week than 1.5 pounds.

Still, there is so much that I am happy about in that chart.  First, I missed very few meetings.  Mostly due to illness or schedule issues.  The other thing is that, while my weight loss might not have been fast, it was consistent.  I only went up in weight twice.  I hated that both times it happened, but it was really minor overall.

The most important thing that I see is that I never went off  program.  I recorded what I ate every single day (I actually go back to well into last year on that front).  And, every week, I stayed within my points at Weight Watchers.  I think there was one week where I ate all of my weekly points and a couple of activity points, but that was OK.  There was not a single week where I really went overboard on eating.  There were a few days that I ended up at the end of the day wishing I had eaten a little less.  But, in all cases, I managed to keep it together for the rest of the week and stay on program.

I haven’t done everything I wanted to do, largely due to the knee/leg thing.  I’m well behind where I wanted to be on exercise.  But, I can’t really do anything about that.  And, sometimes, life is just like that.  Things don’t go the way we want them to.  It would have been so easy when I was using the walker to simply go off the eating program when I couldn’t exercise.  I will blow my own horn just a little by saying that I am proud of myself for sticking with the eating program and still losing weight even when my Fitbit said I was only burning 1400 calories a day.

So,  the 6 months has had its challenges, but has been successful.  And, I feel that writing this blog has really helped me to stay on track.   Once again, thank you to all my readers!




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