Weekly Weigh In

On the one hand, when I stepped on my home scale this morning I was down about .2 of a pound from where I was last Friday.  And, I went out and had lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant on Thursday.


Medi Lunch

And, that picture doesn’t even show the baklava.  (I didn’t actually eat everything on the plate either).

On the other hand, my Weight Watchers weigh in wasn’t today, since today is July 4th.  I weighed in yesterday and at that time I weighed in for a .2 pound gain, to 166 pounds.  So, this morning, even after eating out yesterday, I weighed less today than yesterday.  And, normally I don’t eat out on Thursday.  On a typical week, I would have eaten lightly on Thursday and probably would have gone in for a half pound loss (which is about what Fitbit said I should lose).

So, it was quite annoying to go in and have a .2 pound gain yesterday.  That is why I hate weighing in after 6 days instead of a week.  But, I didn’t want to weigh in Saturday since I knew we were eating out today.

We went to Macaroni Grill for lunch.  I made a create your own pasta with whole wheat pasta, chicken, olive oil, garlic, roasted peppers, asparagus and lots of pine nuts.  It was incredibly yummy.

MG Lunch 1

The portion size was ginormous!  This is what was left after I was finished eating:


MG Lunch 2

And, it may not look like it but I ate a LOT!  I love Macaroni Grill, but hardly ever eat there since it is so high calorie.  Oh, to be clear, it wasn’t just the pasta.  I had some of the bread with oil and a side salad.  So, I came by my stuffed feeling honestly.  But, I only go there about once every year or two. So good…..




  1. dakotatrace says

    That looks delicious. We have one pasta place like that here, but I’ve never been it. We don’t go out much to eat – with five of us, it can be rather pricey.

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