Last Friday Weigh In

Well, my last Friday weigh in is a little late.  Like half a week.  But, it wasn’t because it was a bad weigh in.  It was fine:




I lost .8 pounds, losing the .2 pounds I had gained the week before and I weighed in at 165.2 pounds.  And, I been weighing in at my normal time – about 3 1/2 hours after I weighed in – I feel sure I would have lost about a pound.

The reason I weighed in so early that morning (before 7:00 a.m.) was because my husband was having shoulder surgery that morning.  I dropped his off at the surgery center, then hurried over to weigh in (the Weight Watchers center was only a few minutes away), and then hurried back over to the surgery center to be with him before he had his surgery.

The surgery went well, but there was a lot of work done on his shoulder and so he really can’t do much right now at all.  My mother had been here for a visit for a week before he had surgery, and then he had his surgery.  So, with all that and various other crazily busy stuff going on, I just never got around to posting my weigh in.

Things are starting to get a little more normal, so I should be back on a more normal schedule.  I haven’t been doing the exercise bike or the Y.

The one good thing is that foodwise I’m doing OK.  I’ve been drinking more Cherry Coke Zero than usual (I had given it up for green tea), which I don’t think is optimal.  On the other hand, in terms of calories I’ve been OK.  Busy enough that I haven’t thought that much about eating.  I tend to find that when busy I have days where I hardly eat anything and then realize I need to eat something before I go to bed.  I did bring Subway in the other day and that was higher calorie than most days, but every other day this week has been fine.  I don’t know how I’ll do this Friday when I weigh in since my calorie burn has been super low.  But, I’m happy enough that I’ve stayed OK with the eating.




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    Wishing your husband a speedy recovery.
    When things get chaotic it gets hard to stick to a schedule. Hope things settle down for you soon. Good to hear your eating has been on track 🙂
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