Friday Weigh In

Finally was able to get back to attend a meeting today.  Last Friday, my husband was having shoulder surgery, so I just ran in and weighed and couldn’t stay for the meeting.  The Friday before that was July 4th.  I weighed in on another day, but didn’t go to the meeting.

I was very happy with the weigh in today:


ww 7-18


I lost 1.6 pounds, to get to 163.6 pounds.  I was actually a little surprised it was that good, but I should have had better losses the last couple of weeks (according to my Fitbit) so maybe it was just getting caught up.  I did have a really good week with food.  Since my husband had surgery, we didn’t eat out like we normally do.  We did bring in Subway once and I had indulged with a 12″ sandwich, a cookie and chips.  Something I rarely do.  Still, I did really well the rest of the week.

It was sort of interesting.  I was very busy this week and I found that I just didn’t think to eat.  I would suddenly realize it was late in the evening and I hadn’t eaten in hours.  That isn’t like me.  Normally I like to eat every few hours.  But, I find that when I’m busy, I tend to just not think that much about eating and don’t get very hungry.  I do know that when I do get hungry when I’m busy I have to be careful.  It is easy to go for the most convenient food, not necessarily the lowest calories.  But, this week I managed to do OK on that anyway.

I am getting close to an important milestone for me.  When I went back to Weight Watchers a few years ago, the lowest I got to was 162 pounds in January, 2012.  I was doing very well and then we were getting ready to move, buying a new house and actually moving and I just threw the eating plan by the wayside and regained back to the mid-190s.  So I’ve sent basically the last year trying to get back to where I was when I weighed 162 pounds.  Well, I’m almost there.  I really look forward to that, so I can finally get to where I’m losing “new” weight.  (I’ve lost it before, of course, but not in a very long time.)



    • Kitty says

      And, thank goodness that it eventually does! And, yes, I don’t have large losses often os it nice when it happens.

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