Back to the Y

Finally made it back to the Y what with being so busy and my husband having shoulder surgery.



I did 10 minutes on a Precor elliptical then did the weight machines, mostly focusing on the lower body.  I am supposed to see the orthopedic surgeon for a follow up this Friday, so I wanted to see how my knee and leg reacted to the activity.  It was fine at the Y.  I noticed a very small amount of pain under my left kneecap later in the day.  It was really more that I could feel something, rather than actual pain.  Anyway, by this morning it was gone, so I think it all went pretty well.

So far, this week is relatively good from the food standpoint.  I’m within my points, but I had a couple of higher calorie days — the larger one was 1587 per MyFitnessPal from going out to Red Lobster.  We also ate out yesterday when we ran an errand which means 3 days of eating out this week.  Still, my average calories per day is about 1200, so I’m happy enough with it.  I’m down about .2 of a pound this week.  I don’t think this Friday will be a huge loss, but hoping it will be an OK one.


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