Friday Weigh In

This weigh in was…in a word…annoying.  I was up .4 pounds to 164 pounds.  I mean, of course, no one likes a loss.  What made this one annoyed was the unjustified nature of the loss.  I had a good week overall.  I ate 13 calories less a day than I did last week (so within a 100 calories of last week’s calories).  I also burned about 24 more calories  a day (according to Fitbit).  So, overall, this week was really about the same as last week, just a tiny bit better.  Last week I lost 1.6 pounds.  Now, when I have a large loss like that (yes, that is a large loss for me) then the next week is usually much smaller.  Based upon where I was a couple of days ago, I was expecting to lose about half a pound.  Then, this morning I weighed myself before going to Weight Watchers and saw that my weight was up.  I think it was fluid retention and will likely be gone in a day or two.  Still.  I was just put out by the whole thing.

On a happier note, after going to lunch at Panera Bread, we went to see the orthopedic surgeon.  My husband had his follow up appointment after shoulder surgery two weeks ago (went well) and I had my last follow up appointment on my knee and trabecular bone injury.  I’ve found over the last few weeks that the trabecular bone injury hasn’t gone away, but is better.  The knee itself seems to be doing well.  I told him that I was using the elliptical at the Y and the weight machines, which he didn’t have an issue with.  We talked some more about walking and he said I could do walking if it didn’t hurt me, but he reminded me that the elliptical, exercise bike, and swimming would be lower impact.

My plan is to get back to exercise, to start using the exercise bike consistently and go use the elliptical a couple of days a week and continue working on strengthening my legs.





    • Kitty says

      Oh, for sure. That is a major cause of plateaus, in my opinion. Doesn’t apply here though as I count calories and know they were less than what I burned…it was more a fluid retention thing.

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