And down again

I posted yesterday about how I was up .4 of a pound at Friday weigh in, after being down a bit the day before.  Friday my weight just seemed to jump up for no reason (maybe fluid retention).

We went out to eat yesterday at Panera Bread.  My Fitness Pal said I ate 1320 calories.  I try to keep my average at  1200 .  For July, I’m currently at an average of about 1150 calories a day.  So, 1320 is higher than an average day, but not a huge calorie day.  Thursday, the day before weigh in, I had eaten exactly 26 points which is my daily minimum on Weight Watchers.

Anyway, even with eating 1320 calories on Friday, which was 34 Weight Watchers Points Plus, I weighed this morning .8 of a pound less today than I weighed yesterday morning.  Had I weighed in today, even after eating out Friday, I would have shown a loss at Weight Watchers.

FWIW, I tend to eat lightly on the Tuesday through Thursday before weigh in.  I eat more on Friday after weigh in (we go out for lunch) and we usually go out at least once on the weekends.  Everything averages out but I do eat more lightly later in the week.  This is not the first time that I have had a jump in weight Friday morning, then eaten out Friday and wake up Saturday to find my weight is down.  I am wondering if I would do better by eating a bit more evenly during the week. I am going to try to do that more this week and try to still eat out, but still eat a bit more over Tuesday through Thursday.  I may have to do some trial and error on this over the next few week.  To keep the same average calories eaten, I will need to eat a little less overall on days that I eat out.  I think I can manage that though.

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