July Goal Results

Well, this will be short.  I never quite set any July goals.  I posted about June goal results and said I needed to set new July goals after getting the knee/leg stuff behind me.  Then, I got really busy and didn’t set any.

I could just end there, but I want to assess and then talk about August.

On the one hand, I did well from an eating point of view in July.  On the other hand, I was very inactive.  The first half of July my weight was going down nicely, then the last couple of weeks I had small gains for no real apparent reason (my Fitbit said I had a calorie deficit).

I was looking at the graph on my Withings scale the other day, which goes back to November, 2011.  I was struck by the fact that right now I’m about where I was when I bought my first Withings scale in November, 2011.




You can see on this how I lost weight for a couple of months after getting the scale (my lowest Weight Watchers weigh in was January, 2012 at 162 pounds).  Then, we moved and that started a spiral where my weight just went up and up.  Then, there was a period of time where I lost about 6 pounds or so and then I sent back up.  Finally, late last year I started on the downward slope again.  When I am frustrated by the occasional small gains that show up on the scale, it helps to look at this graph and see how sharp and consistent my loss has been since late 2013.

OK.  August goals.  I’ve needed to revamp my goals, given the way everything changed with my knee problems and my trabecular bone injury.  One thing that helps is to look at my 2014 goals and to try to use them to come up with new monthly goals, based upon where I am now.  So:

1.  Eat 3 vegetables/fruits a day.  I’ve really slacked off on this one.  So, I need to have a specific goal.

2.  Go to the Y 2 days a week, using the ellipticals and doing strength training.

3.  Use the exercise bike or treadmill at least 3 days a week.  Try to extend my use over the month and build back up my time.

4.  Increase my average steps a day to 3000 steps.  This was once much higher, but given my current knee situation and the still recovering trabecular bone injury I don’t want to take on too much too soon.

5.  Don’t sit for more than hour at a time.  Get back to taking breaks at least once an hour.

6.  Sleep 7 hours a day.

7.  An average calorie deficit per day of 400 to 500 calories.  Earlier in the year, this was almost to 600 a day.  But, then I had the leg injury and I think at least part because I pushed too hard on this goal and tried to do too much, too soon.  The last couple of months were 312 and 332 per my Fitbit.  I would be minimally OK to get to 400 calories a day this month and think 450 on average might be realistic.  If 500 a day happened that would be a pound a week loss, so I would like that.  But, I don’t want to really push for that right now.


    • Kitty says

      Thanks. I have a little program that I run called EyeLeo that prompts me to get up periodically by blacking out my screen. It does help (if I don’t just bypass it).

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