The Lower 160s

I’ve been frustrated the past few weeks with getting through the lower 160s.  I hit 168.2 pounds — my first weigh in below 170 pounds — on May 30th.  By the last weigh in during June, I was at 165.8.  That was a loss of 2.4 pounds or .6 pounds a week.  I had been averaging closer to .8 pounds however, with the lesser activity due to my leg injury, I was happy enough with it.

But, July was tough.  I first went up .2 pounds to get to 167 pounds, then had a couple of good weeks.  By mid-July I was at 163.6 pounds losing 2.2 pounds over 3 weeks.  Things seemed good.  Then, I had two weeks where I went up, ending at 164.2 pounds on August 1.  So, for the two month period, I lost a total of 4 pounds.  This averaged .44 pounds a week, so clearly down.

I know that part of it was lack of activity during July.  On the other hand, I ate a little less in July, and my calorie deficit was a little higher.  According to my Fitbit, over that 9 week period I should have lost 5.8 pounds, not 4 pounds.  Yes, I know that as I get smaller I burn fewer calories but I’ve taken that into account (more to the point, the Fitbit takes it into account).  And, it is frustrating to go to meetings and find a gain when I’ve eaten so carefully.

And, just as I was getting more annoyed thinking about it, I came across one of my old Weight Watchers books and that caused me to look back at weigh ins at Weight Watchers.  And, that reminds of me deja vu all over again.  I’ve been here — exactly here — before.

WW 160s

Just like I was at 168.2 pounds on May 30th of this year, I was there before on September 30, 2011.  Like now, I had been closely following Weight Watchers and doing well.  Back then, I did even better in 4 weeks and by the end of October was at 164.6 pounds.  I remember how happy I was at the time.  I was posting a lot on the 3fatchicks Weight Watchers forum and someone had the idea of an end of the year weight loss challenge.  You basically set your goal for the last couple of months of the year and would post results each week in a shared Google doc.  I didn’t usually do challenges, but I thought my goal was pretty safe.  I wanted to be in the 150s by the end of the year.  I had 9 weeks to lose 4.7 pounds.  That seemed eminently reasonable.

I did not meet that goal.  I didn’t come close to meeting that goal.  You can see from the chart that I missed weigh ins several weeks, but I was on program the entire time (we had some schedule conflicts during that time period).  I was tracking carefully what I ate.  I dropped .6 pounds in a couple of weeks and then ….nothing.  From November 11 to December 16, I gained .2 pounds!  I wasn’t using a Fitbit then, but I was exercising and I was eating properly.

I don’t think I can express how miserable I was as it became so clear that I wasn’t going to get close to ending the year in the 150s.   I don’t think I would have been as miserable if I had been eating a lot.  It was holiday time of year and I usually do well during that period, because I am so vigilant.  And, I was especially vigilant that year because I wanted so much to get into the 150s.  I finally had a loss on the last weekend of the year.

And, it all seems strangely reminiscent of now.  Back then, I weighed 168.2 pounds on September 30th and 9 weeks later I weighed 164.2 pounds.  This year, I weighed 168.2 pounds on May 30th….and 9 weeks later I weighed in at — wait for it — 164.2 pounds.

Back then, I finally got to 162 pounds the first weigh in during 2012.  That is the lowest I’ve been in quite some time.  I have really been trying so hard to get to a point where I’m below that 162 pounds!  And, I am a little spooked by the fact that when my 2011 plateau was over and I finally got to 162 pounds, I promptly starting gaining and gaining and gaining until I regained most of what I had lost.


I do remind myself that my situation now is different.  Back in early 2012, a lot of what was going on was due to my situation.  That was the time we were house hunting constantly and eating out all the time.  Then, we moved and were involved with getting situated in the new house and a totally new area.  I don’t have those things going on now.  So, it is a totally different situation.  At the same time, I think that part of the reason I went off track so easily back then and didn’t get back on track was that I was so demoralized by the last 2 months of 2011, when I seemed to do everything right and got few results for it.

And, now I am back there again.  I do think that part of it then and now is that my body just doesn’t seem to want to let go of the 160s.  I know it is possible for me to be below that.  I’ve maintained weight well below that before.  But, it hasn’t been below 160 since….(let me look it up)…. 1999 (according to my handy dandy weight loss spreadsheet).  That is a long time ago.

I think that looking back at where I was in late 2011 and seeing the plateau I went through then, does comfort me some now.  I did eventually break through it (although I then gave up entirely).  Had I continued on doing what I was doing I think I would have gotten into the 150s in early 2012.  I know that I can achieve that now.  The important thing is to just not give up.


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    I know how you feel. I’ve kind of been fluctuating between the low 160s and high 150s. I just want to break in to the 150s and move DOWNWARD. Ugh. You’re right though, the most important thing is to just not give up and keep giving er’!
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