Friday Weigh In

Finally, back to losing.  I’m not entirely back to where I was before 2 weeks of gains, but this week I was down .4 pounds to 163.8 pounds.

WW 8-8

  I am content enough with this.  I’m trying to even out my calories eaten more during the week tot try to avoid the half pound that seems to show up most Friday mornings.  I did avoid that this week, but mid-week my weight was down below where it was today.  I did eat out at Chili’s on Wednesday, but the overall calories for the day were fine.  I ended up with my calories eaten being OK, and my calorie deficit on Fitbit was better than it has been for most of the past few months.  I exercise 4 days of the week, not perfect but a real improvement and giving me a little bit higher overall calorie burn for the week.

I would have liked to have lost everything that I gained the past couple of weeks, but I realized I was experimenting a bit on how to divide out my eating over the week.  Given that, I’m happy with the result.  This upcoming week I plan to try eating out (somewhere easy to eat within my plan) on Thursday and see how that works.  I plan to ramp up the activity a little bit this week as well.


  1. Jodi says

    Hi I just have a question for you since its been on my own mind regarding my own weight loss. I see that you use weight watchers… but mention calories often. I too am using weight watchers and anytime I have mention calories in a meeting my leader will say well calories has nothing to do with points. I have thought of tracking my calories along side my points plus to see the comparison. Is that what you do? Do you track your food both points wise and calorie wise? and how do they stack up against one another. I have been curious to see if I eat more calories then I should be in comparison to points.

  2. Kitty says

    I do track calories as well as points. Calories and points do have a relationship but it can vary from about 35 calories to 40 calories or so a point depending on amount of fat, fiber, carbs and protein. Basically, some people like points because it is easier to deal with a 1 or 2 digit point than 3 or 4 digits of calories. I don’t mind though and I like the greater information of calories and all the nutritional info. So I count my points (and stay within them — I use 20 to 25 weekly points most weeks, sometimes more), but I also record my calories at MyFitnessPal. I send that info to my Fitbit so I know what kind of calorie deficit I have.

    Oh, FWIW, 26 daily points for me usually works out to about 950 calories plus any fruit that I eat (veggies don’t make much difference calorically). I usually eat about 1150 to 1200 calories a day and average about 30 to 31 points plus a day.

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