Difficult Week

This has developed into a really hard week.  It has been difficult the past month since my husband had rotator cuff/bicep surgery and I’ve been doing all the driving.  It wasn’t too bad until this week as we’ve had something going on where I’ve had to do a lot of driving every day.  Friday was weigh in day at Weight Watchers, then lunch, then my husband’s physical therapy.  Saturday, we went with our son for him to get his key to his new apartment.  He is moving into an apartment where he is going to school (his first apartment).  The AC wasn’t working right in the apartment so it was really hot and I don’t handle heat well, but we needed to fill out the property condition form.

Then, Sunday, my daughter needed to do some clothes shopping so I took her to that and then went grocery shopping.  Monday was her 18th birthday. We went out to dinner for that (yes, I had a small piece of birthday cake — I even weighed it).  Tuesday, she was having her red belt test in karate and then we took our son shopping to buy some furniture for his apartment.  Even with an SUV we had make two trips to get everything in the car.

Then, Wednesday I had a long drive to an appointment (over an hour drive each way).  I feel like I’ve spent the entire week in the car or at the store — and not buying anything for me!

Activity has been non-existent.  Food has been…. OK.  I’m within my weekly points.  I’ve eaten most of them but have one more day left in my Weight Watchers week and have 6 weekly points left.  I had planned to eat out for lunch on Thursday (still experimenting to see how it works to more or less near weigh in day).  I’ve eaten a little more this week than I usually eat.  I usually have about 15 to 20 weekly points left at the end of the week.  But, I’ve been hungry this week, not really sure why.

I’m not sure how I will end up at weigh in.  Tuesday morning I was showing about a half pound loss for the week, but then Wednesday morning I was up for the week.  I’m thinking I will probably have a small gain, but not sure.  I have been really tempted to just not go to weigh in on Friday.  It will be a busy day again, with my husband having physical therapy.  Then, Saturday I have a lot going on, taking my daughter somewhere and then my son moves into his apartment.  Then, Sunday will also be busy.  I think that on Monday things will start calming down.






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