Friday Weigh In

Another Friday, another weigh in.  I posted the other day that I thought I might end up with a small gain for this week.  The good news is that my weight went down a bit so I ended up losing .2 pounds, to end up at 163.6 pounds.


WW 8-15

The good news is that I had a loss, albeit a small one.  However, that is way better than having a gain.  That said, I am exactly where I was 4 weeks ago on July 18, when I weighed in at 163.6 pounds.   I haven’t eaten badly over the last month, but the activity has been low.

As I posted the other day, this has been a difficult week with having to do a lot of driving this week, with something to do almost every day.  Tomorrow, my son is moving into his first apartment near school and I have places I need to take my daughter this weekend so I expect the weekend will be difficult.  Then, next week should be more normal.

I ended up this week eating almost exactly the amount I ate last week and had a few weekly points left.  I burned fewer calories since I spent so much time in the car this week.

Today has ended up being a high point day for food.  I’ve eaten 46 points!  That is sort of unusual, but I’ve done it bef0re and it works out OK just so long as I keep track for the rest of the week.  I looked at the week as a whole rather than paying too much attention to any individual day.  I probably will be eating out again tomorrow and Sunday since I’ll be away from home a lot, but those should be fairly low point meals.  It is possible to eat out and still be low points.

I ate out Thursday as part of my experiment to see how I do the best in terms of when I eat my points.  Even though I ate out (a You Pick2 with a salad and soup at Panera) I only ate 26 points for the day.  So, I know it is totally possible to eat out and still eat within my daily points or just eat a few weekly points (today, I wanted food that was more points but I know that I can’t do that every day or even every week).



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