Friday Weigh In

Finally.  Finally, a good loss.  I was down 1.4 pounds to 162.2 pounds:

45 pounds

That gives me a 5 pound star (which I am ridiculously happy to get)!  I think this was a week where some of the weight loss I had been expecting the past few weeks finally showed up on the scale.  I ate very similarly to last week and was even less active.  After my post the other day about getting back to routine I was going to start exercising again more consistently.  But, then I’ve been sick the past few days (nothing serious, but a sore throat, feeling achy, that kind of thing).

It was a somewhat difficult week eating wise as I started out the week with a really high point day and then ate out fairly high point the next day.  As a result, I had to be really careful the rest of the week.

As soon as I feel better, I am going to get back into an exercise routine. My average weight loss over the last 10 weeks has been just under half a pound a week.  It had been closer to .8 pounds a week.  I want to to try to get back closer to the .8 pounds a week marker.  To do that, I need more activity.

I’m basically back now to where I was at my low point in January, 2012.  Well, I was at 162 pounds then so I’m still .2 pounds above.  But, close enough.  I like to set weight loss mini-goals.  My next mini-goal is 155.7 pounds.  Way back when my son was 3 years old and I was still losing the baby weight, I got down to 155 3/4 pounds.  That 3 year old is in college now, so I certainly want to get back to below that point.  Once I get to 155.7 pounds I will be at the lowest weight I’ve been since he was born.  At that point, my next goal would then be to reach my Weight Watchers goal weight of 146 pounds.

On another note — next Friday’s weigh in will be a Saturday weigh in.  I’m going to try a Saturday meeting.  I used to love Saturday meetings, but when we moved to this area I wasn’t wowed by the leader at the Saturday meeting.  Not a bad leader, but just didn’t really connect with me.  I like my current leader, but I don’t actually like the meeting itself that much.  I sort of feel bad saying this, but this meeting just doesn’t seem to have much energy from the members and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of success at the meeting.  Today, I was the only person to get an award.  Sometimes, no one gets an award or only an attendance award is given out.  I’ve been going to Weight Watchers meetings for over 20 years (off and on) and I’ve never had a meeting where so few awards are given out for weight loss.

I feel bad saying that as I know there are times that I’ve attended meetings and struggled to lose weight.  But, this meeting seems to not have a lot of people consistently attending who are consistently losing weight. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but it doesn’t help me with my motivation.  They recently consolidated a later meeting into the meeting I’ve been attending, but that hasn’t helped.

Anyway, I noticed online that the Saturday meeting has a different leader now, so I thought I would check it out.


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    Congrats on your loss!
    Since I’ve been away, I’ve missed the past two WW meetings. However, even while I was traveling I kept in mind that I would have to weigh in once I got back. It helped keep me from going overboard. I’m still new to the WW world (I’ve only been to 2 weigh-ins!) but I’m hoping that the community support will help me work towards my goals.
    Good luck at your new Saturday meeting 🙂
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    Good job on the weight loss!! As far as the meetings go, you shouldn’t feel bad about switching to a different meeting. You SHOULD be getting something out of it and if you’re not, go to a class where you do!

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