Saturday Weigh In

Somewhat to my surprise, I weighed in today at .4 pound down, to 161.8 pounds.  It was a bit of a surprise because on Friday morning I was up a bit, but overnight my weight went down a pound (to about where it should have been according to Fitbit).  What is especially nice about this weigh in is that I am now officially lower than my “low” weight in January, 2012 after I had gone back to Weight Watchers.  After that weigh in, I regained a lot of what I had lost but am now finally below where I was then.

I tried out a new Weight Watchers meeting today.  The leader is a new leader this year.  The meeting is a larger meeting than the one I’ve been going to.  It was fine so we’re going to try it again next week and see how it is over another week or two before we decide whether to stay with it or go back to the Friday meeting.  There is also a Sunday meeting we could try out as well.

This is the week that I am planning on getting back into going to the YMCA.  My husband has been recovering from shoulder surgery but is now well enough to go back to the Y and use the elliptical.  So, plans are to start going back this week at least on a couple of days.


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