Saturday Weigh In

This was finally a good week where I also had a good result on the scale!  I weighed in at exactly 160 pounds, losing .8 pounds.

WW 9-27


It would have been great, of course, to hit below 160 pounds, but I’m really happy with this.  And, this leaves me exactly 14 pounds from my goal weight of 146 and 12 pounds away from not having to pay for meetings!

It was overall a really good week.  I exercised 3 times this week, which was one less than I planned, but overall I was happy with how things went.  As I get closer to my goal weight it is hard to lose more than half a pound or so a week so a .8 loss really makes me happy.  This week I plan to basically do what I did last week, but actually exercise 4 times.  I will be reviewing my September goals at the end of the month.  And, it is 9 months since I started this blog.  Sometimes, when progress feels slow I pull up my weigh in page and go back and look at where I was at the end of December and compare it to now.  Looking at that big picture really helps.

Onward and downward!






Unofficial 150s

At long last, weighing at home in the morning (so no clothes), I weighed in below 160.  It varied from 159.2 pounds to 159.8 pounds, most around 159.5 pounds (yes, I weighed more than once since I was so pleased to see it).  I know it will be above 160 at my Weight Watchers weigh in since I actually have to wear clothes when I weigh in there.

Still.  The last time I weighed in at home in my 150s was weigh back in March, 1999.  I remember that time well.  I was working with a personal trainer on a weekly basis.  I owned a home gym and she came and worked with me every week.  We had the gym set up in our spare bedroom.  Then, we decided to sell our house and took the gym down while the house was on the market.  And, when we moved, we were too far away from that trainer.  I intended to find another one.  But, as so often happens, once I got out of the habit of daily exercising and eating right, things went downhill.

I have a spreadsheet I’ve kept on and off over the years where I recorded my weight during various attempts to lose weight.  That spreadsheet shows a gap between March and lat June.  By then I was back into the low 170s.  Once we got into the new house I did start exercising on my own, but I didn’t make much progress, actually gaining another 8 pounds over the course of a year.  There were a lot of changes going on in my life at this time.  Our son was 5 years old when we sold that house.  A year later my weight was in the high 170s and I was now a mother of 3 — during that year we completed an international adoption of two children.  I weighed weekly over that year, except for the 2 weeks we were out of the country.  And, for the next few years my attention really focused more on family things rather than losing weight.  I would periodically try to lose and record some weights.  I would go back to the Weight Watchers at times.  But, now really progress.  The weight just kept creeping up from that point.  I never had a sustained loss until I went back to Weight Watchers in 2010.

And, now this is the first time that I’ve gotten back into the 150s.


Saturday Weigh In

This was an excellent week.  I finally exercised 3 times.  OK, that wasn’t excellent.  But, it was better than I have been doing since my leg injury.  And, my eating was really good.  Between the two, I ended up my largest calorie deficit for a week since I was put on non-weightbearing status in May.  Based upon the calorie deficit, per Fitbit, I should have lost .8 pounds.

As it turned out, I had a .2 pound loss getting down to 160.8.  The good part was that it was a loss.  I do seem to vary between high and low losses from week to week.  And, of course, by the numbers I would have expected a greater loss.  But, when this happens I tend to catch up the following week.  I am getting really eager to get below 160 pounds and hope to get there either next Saturday or the one after (more likely).

Overall, though, I was happy with the week and plan to get in at least 4 exercise sessions this week.

And, to keep it all in perspective, here is the graph of my Weight Watchers weigh ins over the last year.


WW 9-20


I wasn’t really doing much until I went back in October and started going consistently.  But, since then, it has been downhill.  Yes, now that I’ve lost more weight it is harder and there have been a few up weeks and some plateau.  Overall all, though, I’m happy with the graph and it is more important to focus on the total than any specific week.

Onward and downward!


Fitbit and eTools

I posted last week about Weight Watchers opening up the Fitbit and Jawbone to syncing with eTools to give you activity points.  I just finished my Weight Watchers week with it connected and it says I earned 6 Activity points this week.  I was happy enough that (I’ve exercised 2 days this week), but it looks like Weight Watchers needs to do some working on it.

I was inactive on the weekend so didn’t expect to earn anything and didn’t.

Monday I did ride the execise bike.  I work a heart rate monitor and Digifit said I burned 188 calories during it.  But, according to Fitbit my calorie burn for the day was only 1507 calories.  My steps were 2214 (and this included “steps” earned while using the exercise bike).

I was shocked when I checked Weight Watchers and saw that I had earned 2 activity points!  This was also very different from my experience  with when I had the Activelink.  With the activelink, I wore it for months and I think only earned activity points on 2 days.  Even on days I went for very long walks and had over 10,000 steps I earned nothing.  Even when I burned 1800 calories I earned nothing (I did weigh more so 1800 calories then is probably more like 1700 calories now would be).  But, I know that I didn’t earn any activity points using the Activelink when I was way more active than I was Monday.

Supposedly with the Fitbit — like the Activelink — you have to meet a baseline before you earn activity points.  Back when I was just recording all day steps on eTools I had to walk around 5000 steps to earn just 1 Activity point.  Of course, presumably with the Fitbit syncing, Weight Watchers is looking at calories burned and not just steps.

Anyway, Monday night was a little strange.  I was doing something in World of Warcraft that I thought was going to go away Tuesday morning, so I stayed up all night playing.  Then I went to bed at about 7:30 AM and then slept for 4 hours.  I got up about 11:30 AM and was still tired and very inactive the whole day.  I logged into Weight Watchers and my 2 activity points for Monday had changed to 1.  That didn’t bother me, although it was a little strange for it to change.

The thing that got me, though, was that I saw I had 1 activity point for Tuesday.  My steps were 1355 steps for the day.  Fitbit says I burned 1390 calories.  There is just no way I should have earned an activity point!

Wednesday, eTools gave me 2 activity points.  In a way it made some sense.  Fitbit says I burned 1539 calories, but I only had 1700 steps.  I was out and about on Wednesday and did a lot of driving and Fitbit gives more calories for driving than it does for just sitting around.  Still, 2 activity points seems a lot for someone who only burned 1539 calories!

Then, there was Thursday.  I rode the exercise bike for 40 minutes and Fitbit said I had 3780 steps (including the bike riding as “steps”) and that I burned 1549 calories.  Weight Watchers again gave me 2 Activity Points for this.

That just seems high particularly since I was getting no activity points when I used the Activelink in the past and was being way more active.







Saturday Weigh In

This week made up for last week.  I gained .4 last week even though I had a great week.  This week wasn’t as great, but was still pretty good.  I was down 1.2 pounds, to 161 pounds.  I am also now officially exactly 15 pounds away from my Weight Watchers goal weight.  I think that is one reason it is hard to be consistent on the weight loss.  Still, it was a good week and over the past 2 weeks my net loss is .8 pounds.  That is less than I would like, but it is reasonably OK  and way better than gaining!

I was a little less active this week than last week because I had huge sleeping problems all week.  I tend to insomnia and this week was really bad.  I would wake up in the morning, exhausted, and wouldn’t want to exercise since I saw so tired.  Then, when it was late at night I couldn’t sleep.  Sigh.  I did get a better night’s sleep the last couple of nights so maybe it will be better this week.

Meeting was good.  So far, I am liking this meeting better than the old meeting.  I really liked the leader of my Friday meetings, but this Saturday meeting is a larger meeting.  The leader at this meeting lost about 150 pounds and today brought in her old rain coat.  She said that when she bought it she couldn’t zip it.  Now, it is just huge on her.   150 pounds lost makes a really big difference, much more so than I would have thought.

She did talk about the fact the Fitbit and Jawbone now sync with eTools.  I was reading on the WW forums last night that some people were getting weird results.  Someone had -2 activity points.  Someone else got 22 for not much activity.  It may be related to starting this in the middle of the week.  I imagine they will get it sorted out.