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I can’t believe I never noticed this before my weigh in on Saturday.  I always just sort of assumed that the Weight Watchers digital scale at the meeting weighed to .1 of a pound, just like the digital scales I’ve had at home.  I noticed while I was weighing on Saturday that the scale seemed to vacillate between 162 and 161.8 pounds and then settled on 161.8 pounds.  I noticed this and wondered why it didn’t seem to vary between 161.8 and 161.9 pounds.  I then looked back at my Weight Watchers weigh ins and realized that the number after the decimal was always even.  That is, the weight increment was .2 of a pound always, not one-tenth of a pound.

I guess this just proves how unobservant I am that I never noticed this.  But, this also perhaps explains some of those weigh ins where I thought I would stay the same and I gained .2 pounds.

I am actually sort of surprised that they use a .2 pound increment when digital scales generally show .1 pound increments.




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    I just changed WW locations & I noticed at my old meeting, it was in increments of 0.2, but this new one showed my with with a .5 at the end. I’ve only gone twice so far (and had to miss last week because I was on vacation!) So I’ll be watching. I’m sure I’ll be up this week – I can just feel it!
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