August Goal Results

Let me see.  I have a feeling I didn’t do so well on this.  I am actually OK with my weight loss for the month.  It was 2.2 pounds which is stellar, but I think I am off my plateau now and I ended the month at my lowest weight since going back to Weight Watchers a few years ago.  From a calories eaten point of view, I was happy enough with the month averaging 1170 calories a day which is almost exactly my average for the year to date (1174)

But — on my specific goals — I don’t think I did very well.

1.  Eat 3 vegetables/fruits a day. 

No.  I did not do this.  I didn’t come close.

2.  Go to the Y 2 days a week, using the ellipticals and doing strength training.

Not at all.  I went once during the first week of August.  In fact, after August 5th I didn’t do any exercise for the rest of the month.  I had reasons.  My husband was recovering from shoulder/bicep surgery so things were busy.  And, I was sick part of the month.  But, really, I just didn’t do this.

3.  Use the exercise bike or treadmill at least 3 days a week.  Try to extend my use over the month and build back up my time.

No.  See above.

4.  Increase my average steps a day to 3000 steps.  This was once much higher, but given my current knee situation and the still recovering trabecular bone injury I don’t want to take on too much too soon.

No.  I averaged 1856 steps a day.  I didn’t try to walk that little.  But, when I am at home a lot, I don’t have much reason to walk around much (one story house).  After all the back and forth with the orthopedic surgeon, he ultimately said it was OK for me to walk on the treadmill some just to get my steps up.  It is clear from  this that I really do need to do that just so I don’t sit too much.  I know I have to be careful with the knee so I won’t use the incline.

5.  Don’t sit for more than hour at a time.  Get back to taking breaks at least once an hour.

I was inconsistent on this one.  I probably did better at this than some of the above.  But, I still need to do better on this.

6.  Sleep 7 hours a day.

I didn’t actually measure this on Fitbit consistently.  I don’t think I met this, but I did get more sleep than in July.

7.  An average calorie deficit per day of 400 to 500 calories. 

The average was 303 calories a day.  Had I exercised 5 days a week I would have met this goal.

The best I can say about the month is that despite my utter failure to meet my goals I still lost 2.2 pounds.  I’ve always heard that the most important part to weight loss is the eating part.  Specifically, not eating too many calories.  The fact is that the one thing that I did fine on all month was the eating part.  And, because of that I still lost some weight.  So watching how much food I eat and staying with my Weight Watchers points (including weekly points) is enough by itself to keep me losing some weight.

That said — Part of getting to a better me is living an overall healthier life, and while losing weight is good, I need to do more than just lose weight.  On days that I use the exercise bike for 40 minutes I burn an extra 150 or so calories than I would burn without exercising.  That adds up over the course of the month and makes losing weight easier.

Goals for September?  I think I will just continue with the August goals.



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