Adding Fitbit (or Jawbone) to eTools

At long last, Weight Watchers has opened up to allow you to sync a Fitbit or Jawbone (as well as the ActiveLink) to eTools:

WW Activity Monitors

This is great news!  This just started.  I knew they were testing the Fitbit in Germany and were planning to do this, but wasn’t expecting it here this soon.

The process is very easy.  Go to eTools to the Plan Manager.  Go to Settings in the upper right corner.  There is an option for Activity Monitoring Device where you can select your device.  When I selected Fitbit, I had to log in to Fitbit to verify that I had done this.  Right now it is the Fitbit and Jawbone (in addition to Activelink).  Apparently, they plan to add others later.

What this does is sync your steps and calorie data from Fitbit to tell you how many activity points you have earned.  I am sure that like with the Activelink you have to meet a baseline of calories burned before you earn any points.  I don’t know whether it just uses the calories burned data or if it will use the steps somehow.  For example, if I’ve burned 2000 calories (I wish) and walked 3000 steps do I earn less activity points than if I burned 2000 calories and walked 7000 steps?  Not sure at this point.

I haven’t been very active this week.  I’ve had had huge problems sleeping.  I tend to insomnia and it has been really bad this week so I’ve been exhausted every day and haven’t felt like doing much exercise (food part has been fine though).

Anyway, I am super excited about this.  Oh, when I was using the activelink there was a $5 a month fee to do it.  When I linked the Fitbit there was nothing about any fee.

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