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I posted last week about Weight Watchers opening up the Fitbit and Jawbone to syncing with eTools to give you activity points.  I just finished my Weight Watchers week with it connected and it says I earned 6 Activity points this week.  I was happy enough that (I’ve exercised 2 days this week), but it looks like Weight Watchers needs to do some working on it.

I was inactive on the weekend so didn’t expect to earn anything and didn’t.

Monday I did ride the execise bike.  I work a heart rate monitor and Digifit said I burned 188 calories during it.  But, according to Fitbit my calorie burn for the day was only 1507 calories.  My steps were 2214 (and this included “steps” earned while using the exercise bike).

I was shocked when I checked Weight Watchers and saw that I had earned 2 activity points!  This was also very different from my experience  with when I had the Activelink.  With the activelink, I wore it for months and I think only earned activity points on 2 days.  Even on days I went for very long walks and had over 10,000 steps I earned nothing.  Even when I burned 1800 calories I earned nothing (I did weigh more so 1800 calories then is probably more like 1700 calories now would be).  But, I know that I didn’t earn any activity points using the Activelink when I was way more active than I was Monday.

Supposedly with the Fitbit — like the Activelink — you have to meet a baseline before you earn activity points.  Back when I was just recording all day steps on eTools I had to walk around 5000 steps to earn just 1 Activity point.  Of course, presumably with the Fitbit syncing, Weight Watchers is looking at calories burned and not just steps.

Anyway, Monday night was a little strange.  I was doing something in World of Warcraft that I thought was going to go away Tuesday morning, so I stayed up all night playing.  Then I went to bed at about 7:30 AM and then slept for 4 hours.  I got up about 11:30 AM and was still tired and very inactive the whole day.  I logged into Weight Watchers and my 2 activity points for Monday had changed to 1.  That didn’t bother me, although it was a little strange for it to change.

The thing that got me, though, was that I saw I had 1 activity point for Tuesday.  My steps were 1355 steps for the day.  Fitbit says I burned 1390 calories.  There is just no way I should have earned an activity point!

Wednesday, eTools gave me 2 activity points.  In a way it made some sense.  Fitbit says I burned 1539 calories, but I only had 1700 steps.  I was out and about on Wednesday and did a lot of driving and Fitbit gives more calories for driving than it does for just sitting around.  Still, 2 activity points seems a lot for someone who only burned 1539 calories!

Then, there was Thursday.  I rode the exercise bike for 40 minutes and Fitbit said I had 3780 steps (including the bike riding as “steps”) and that I burned 1549 calories.  Weight Watchers again gave me 2 Activity Points for this.

That just seems high particularly since I was getting no activity points when I used the Activelink in the past and was being way more active.








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    Please unsubscribe me from E-Tools . I joined it by accident when I just wanted to read about it
    Please send me a confirmation e-mail telling me I have been taken off the subscription
    Thank you
    Sharon Black

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      Hi! If you subscribed to Weight Watchers eTools you will need to go the Weight Watchers site to unsubscribe to it. I’m just a blogger and have no connection to Weight Watchers except for being a lifetime member.

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