Saturday Weigh In

This was an excellent week.  I finally exercised 3 times.  OK, that wasn’t excellent.  But, it was better than I have been doing since my leg injury.  And, my eating was really good.  Between the two, I ended up my largest calorie deficit for a week since I was put on non-weightbearing status in May.  Based upon the calorie deficit, per Fitbit, I should have lost .8 pounds.

As it turned out, I had a .2 pound loss getting down to 160.8.  The good part was that it was a loss.  I do seem to vary between high and low losses from week to week.  And, of course, by the numbers I would have expected a greater loss.  But, when this happens I tend to catch up the following week.  I am getting really eager to get below 160 pounds and hope to get there either next Saturday or the one after (more likely).

Overall, though, I was happy with the week and plan to get in at least 4 exercise sessions this week.

And, to keep it all in perspective, here is the graph of my Weight Watchers weigh ins over the last year.


WW 9-20


I wasn’t really doing much until I went back in October and started going consistently.  But, since then, it has been downhill.  Yes, now that I’ve lost more weight it is harder and there have been a few up weeks and some plateau.  Overall all, though, I’m happy with the graph and it is more important to focus on the total than any specific week.

Onward and downward!



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    Love the loss! You’ll get to the 150s shortly. I’m working on getting back there. So frustrating when you gain what you’ve already lost and need to to take it off again. Keep at it, Kitty!
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