Unofficial 150s

At long last, weighing at home in the morning (so no clothes), I weighed in below 160.  It varied from 159.2 pounds to 159.8 pounds, most around 159.5 pounds (yes, I weighed more than once since I was so pleased to see it).  I know it will be above 160 at my Weight Watchers weigh in since I actually have to wear clothes when I weigh in there.

Still.  The last time I weighed in at home in my 150s was weigh back in March, 1999.  I remember that time well.  I was working with a personal trainer on a weekly basis.  I owned a home gym and she came and worked with me every week.  We had the gym set up in our spare bedroom.  Then, we decided to sell our house and took the gym down while the house was on the market.  And, when we moved, we were too far away from that trainer.  I intended to find another one.  But, as so often happens, once I got out of the habit of daily exercising and eating right, things went downhill.

I have a spreadsheet I’ve kept on and off over the years where I recorded my weight during various attempts to lose weight.  That spreadsheet shows a gap between March and lat June.  By then I was back into the low 170s.  Once we got into the new house I did start exercising on my own, but I didn’t make much progress, actually gaining another 8 pounds over the course of a year.  There were a lot of changes going on in my life at this time.  Our son was 5 years old when we sold that house.  A year later my weight was in the high 170s and I was now a mother of 3 — during that year we completed an international adoption of two children.  I weighed weekly over that year, except for the 2 weeks we were out of the country.  And, for the next few years my attention really focused more on family things rather than losing weight.  I would periodically try to lose and record some weights.  I would go back to the Weight Watchers at times.  But, now really progress.  The weight just kept creeping up from that point.  I never had a sustained loss until I went back to Weight Watchers in 2010.

And, now this is the first time that I’ve gotten back into the 150s.



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