Saturday Weigh In

This was not an exciting weigh in.  I weighed in at 160 pounds, for no gain, no loss.  I was actually expecting a slight gain.  I was up .2 of a pound this morning compared to last Saturday (and compared to two days ago), so I thought I would have a gain.  This was one time when the scale at Weight Watchers going in .2 pound increments probably helped.  When I got on the scale, it vacillated between 160 and 160.2 but the weight that was captured for the weigh in was at 160 pounds.

I wanted to get below 160 pounds and Fitbit said I had a calorie deficit to lose .4 pounds.  But, it wasn’t a stellar week.  I did OK on food.  I stayed within my points (I did eat some weekly points), but I ate overall more than I did the week before.  My activity was low, only exercising one day.

I realized I’ve gotten myself into a not good pattern on exercising.  I tend to not like to exercise on Saturday.  We weigh in and then go out to lunch so get home in the early afternoon.  I am usually not in a mood to exercise that day.  Saturday is always sort of like a holiday for me.  Then, on Sunday I’ve wanted to extend that and not exercise.  I think to myself that I’ll exercise Monday and Tuesday then take off Wednesday and then exercise Thursday and Friday.  That would be 4 days of exercise and — for now — is fine.

But, I blame World of Warcraft on my not wanting to exercise on Monday.  I’ve been a WoW player since 2007.  I basically took a vacation from playing for about 8 or 9 months around the time I started this blog.  I’ve now gone back to playing as a new expansion is coming out in November.  Just like WW, WoW has a weekly schedule.  So, various things reset on Tuesday (sort of like when your points reset each week).  Right now, I have a lot to do on WoW so on Mondays I tend to be doing last minute things before the Tuesday reset.  As a result, I end up not wanting to take the time to exercise.  That means I don’t exercise Saturday, Sunday and Monday which puts me behind for the whole week.

Looking at this I realize I need to exercise one day on the weekend and need to exercise on Monday (despite the WoW reset on Tuesday) and then that will make Tuesday through Friday much easier for me.




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