NWI and Clothes

I did not weigh in on Saturday.  I missed my Weight Watchers meeting.  I had a lot of trouble sleeping last week and decided to sleep in.  I will say that it was not a stellar week.  I would have expected a small gain had I gone to the meeting.


On another note…I realized this weekend that I need to buy more clothes, particularly pants.  I usually wear jeans or exercise pants, with occasionally wearing something more dressy.  I had bought some size 12 jeans a few weeks ago, but hadn’t really thought about my nicer clothes.  This weekend I was going to wear a nice pair of pants and was shocked when I put them on that I was having trouble keeping them up.  I looked and they were size 16.

I’ve been avoiding buying many clothes for a couple of reasons.  First, I am sort of at a point where size 14 is too big, but size 12 fits…but isn’t really comfortable.  I tend to like my clothes loose.  Right now, the size 12 jeans fit, but there is no extra looseness.  I wanted to lose another 5 pounds or so before doing major purchases.  But, I am starting to think I really can’t wait much longer.  I went through some clothes in my closet and found that some shirts now fit me that had once been too tight.  So that was good.  But, again, most of my “nicer” clothes are size 16 and don’t fit at all.  Kind of a shame, because some of it is still in good shape.  It wasn’t really so expensive that it would be worthwhile to alter it, but I don’t like getting rid of clothes that don’t show signs of wear.

I also realize going through my closet that I have some things that I love that really is worn out.  I wear T shirts or sweatshirts a lot and I found several that have small holes in them or are visibly worn.  I know they have to go, but I hate parting with them.

Then, there are others that are old, but in great shape and I never wear them.  Usually it is because there is something I don’t like about how they feel on me, even though they look good.  For example, I can’t stand anything that fits too tightly around my neck.  I have some shirts that are nice but I don’t wear them because I can feel them on my neck.  Another thing I don’t like is shirts with heavy embroidery.  I like looking at them but the heavy embroidery tends to make the shirt stiff and itchy.  So, I avoid wearing them.

I know I just need to go through and get rid of all this.  The problem then is that my closet will be all but empty.  I know I can buy clothes to replace them, but two problems with that.  First, I don’t really like clothes shopping.  I just want to avoid it and put it off.  Second, I don’t like spending a lot of money for clothes when I’m almost 13 pounds or so from my goal weight and I expect I will set a new goal weight a little lower than that.  I expect to eventually get down to probably size 8, so I’m reluctant to spend too much on size 12 clothes.

At the same time, I realize I just don’t have much to wear between what doesn’t fit, what is worn out, and what I don’t like.  So, I need to break into the clothes budget (and I have a lot of unused clothes budget that I can spend from) and buy at least some stuff.


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