Saturday Weigh In

After not going last week, I went to this week’s meeting and was up .4 pounds to 159.8 pounds.  While I don’t like going up, I really wasn’t upset about it.  I had a good week and felt I was back on track and doing well compared to the week before where I hadn’t been stellar.  During that week I simply overate.  I ate more points than my daily points plus my weekly points.  It was the worst week I’ve had in over a year.  But, during this past week, I was able to get back under control and stayed within my points (I did eat all but one of my weekly points) and my weight was down quite a bit by Saturday compared to the start of the week.

So, being up .4 of a pound was really deserved and not unexpected and it didn’t really bother me.  I mean, I didn’t like it but it didn’t craze me.  I hate it when I do everything right and I have a gain.  But that wasn’t the case here.  I actually was happy to see a gain of less than half a pound all things considered.

I do think I was in a little bit of a funk.  I know that for me it is easier to stay on program and focused on weight loss when my extra weight is more painful to me.  But, lately, the extra weight has started to be …less painful.  Suddenly, I am able to wear clothes that I haven’t worn in years.  I found some old T shirts this week that I thought were too small and now they are loose on me.  I can really see a big difference in how I look.  While I am not yet normal weight I am close enough that I am much less worried about any negative health consequences of being overweight.  I’m still worried, just not has much as when I weighted 45 pounds more than I weigh now.

It is harder to maintain intensity as I get closer to my goal weight.  So, that is a factor.  Another factor was that my computer was away at the manufacturer being repaired for a couple of weeks.  While I was gone I was using a notebook where it is harder to do posts to the blog and I don’t get as much data on My Fitness Pal as I do using my computer (I use a script that shows my WW Points Plus on MFP and I didn’t have that while my computer was gone).  That sort of threw me off track.  My schedule has been a little different so that has been a factor.  I’ve had trouble sleeping so I’ve been tired and not exercising.  All of that made it hard to stay in focus on what I was eating.  Suddenly I was just hungry all the time and not in a mood to really be careful with what I was doing.

I think I have snapped out of it now.  Last week ended up being fine and this week is looking OK so far.  I really want to be back on the downward trail this Saturday when I weigh in.



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