I posted about 10 days ago about needing to go through my clothes and throw out stuff and buy some more clothes.  So, yesterday, I went through my clothes closet and tried on lots of clothes.  The good news was that a lot of clothes that used to be too small now fit me.  The bad news was that I have almost no clothes that fit me.  And, the only thing that does fit, is basically jeans and T shirts and some exercise clothes.

I really like wearing T shirts, but I’m very particular about what I like.  I don’t like T shirts that are too tight and I don’t like them if the neck is too tight or if the sleeves are super short.  In going through stuff, I got rid of some that I bought but never really liked because they violated one of those dislikes.  But, I had a lot of T shirts I bought years ago in a thinner phase that I had barely worn before I couldn’t wear them any more.  I also had a few shirts I bought when I was close to being able to wear them, then gained weight and never wore them.  Those almost all fit me now.  So, I’m on good shape on T shirts.

I bought new jeans fairly recently, so I’m OK on those too.  I don’t have a lot of them but enough to get buy.

I also can still wear the jacket that is in my picture on the front page of the blog (the leopard pattern one).  And I have one other jacket I can wear.  I have a knit jacket that I can sort of wear.  That is, it is OK now but is will be too big in another 5 pounds.

I have a few shells that I can wear.

And….that is basically it.

I work from home now so don’t need a lot of formal, office clothes any more.  What I found out was that, except for the shells, I couldn’t wear any of that.  These are suits that are utterly falling off me.  They had been loose  the last time I wore anything like that a few months ago, but now they can’t be worn at all.

So, I have no “nice” pants.  Basically, what I have left is 2 pairs of newish jeans, 2 pairs of ratty exercise pants (these need to go), and 1 pair of shorts (I wear these to weigh in with each week).

A little over a year ago, I had bought some nicer casual clothes.  These weren’t dressy, but were nicer than jeans and T shirts.  The tops still fit but the pants are too big.

I tend to get cold easily so around the house I have a habit of wearing a T shirt and then putting a loose flannel shirt over them as a kind of light jacket.  I’ve worn out the shirt I’ve been using for that (appropriated from my husband) and it is too big anyway.

So – as much as I don’t want to go clothes shopping, I need to go clothes shopping.  Right now, I literally don’t have anything nicer than black jeans to wear.  I had not realized things were that urgent.  I thought I still had some nice pants that were a little loose.  Instead, I found out that they wouldn’t even stay up.

At a minimum, I need some nice pants, a nice top or two, something to wear as a light jacket around the house, maybe a blazer or other jacket, and undergarments.  It exhausts me just to think about shopping for it.

And, I don’t like spending money on clothes that I probably won’t wear that long.  I was annoyed at having to get rid of the pants from the outfits I bought last year since they had hardly been worn.  But, I know I need to have some nice clothes now, so this weekend will be a clothes shopping weekend.




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