Weigh Ins and the Holidays

So, it has been exactly a month since a posted which is the only really long break this year.  Before getting caught up posting weigh ins and status, I’ll post in the holiday spirit showing my cat Sasha (aka Fluffy) “helping” with Christmas decorating.




And to show what Fluffy actually looks like when he isn’t trying to play with the decorations….



So, on that happy note (cat pictures always make me happy)… I’ll get caught up on the weigh ins.

At my last weigh in on November 22 I was at 159 pounds.  This was after a couple of missed weigh ins so I was happy with that.  I had every intention of weighing in the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Given the 2 missed weigh ins, I wanted to get back into the routine of weighing in weekly.  I wasn’t expecting a very good weigh in two days after Thanksgiving.  I was expecting a gain and was OK with that given the scheduling.

So, my husband and I set off on Saturday morning for the meeting.  He told me right before left about a medical problem he was having, but he thought we could still go to the meeting.  On the way, he changed his mind and suggested we stop at the urgent care clinic.  We did and they sent him straight to the emergency room.  So, I spent the morning there instead of at Weight Watchers.  (My husband is fine now, but it was definitely important that he make that ER visit at the time).

The following week after Thanksgiving I ate really well and based upon my weigh in at home I was expecting to basically be even with where I was right before Thanksgiving.  I was very disappointed to weigh in up December 6th, up one pound to 160. 

This really pointed up to me that I’ve been on a plateau for about 3 months.  I first hit 160 pounds on September 27th.  Since that time, the lowest I had been was 159 pounds, so it was disappointing to go from that back to 160, particularly since that week had been good.  Of course, Thanksgiving week itself had been not so good.  Not horrible, but not good either.

I ate really carefully the next week and lost .2 pounds to 159.8 when I weighed in on December 13th.  Again, I had had a good week so I was a little disappointed with the loss, but was happy that I went down.  I was able to stay on track for the next week and last Saturday, I weighed in down 1 pound to 158.8 pounds which finally brought me to a new “low” weight for the year (actually I haven’t been this low since 1998)!

What I feel good about:  I have hit a new low weight and I have been going consistently this month.  During the whole plateau, I’ve recorded everything I’ve eaten and I think I am back on track with eating.

What I don’t feel good about:  Plateaus suck.  I may understand it, but it is not fun.  Also, I have found it harder to stay on program the last few months and have had weeks where I ate too much.  To lose these last pounds, I know it will be harder and I need to be more consistent.

I am posting this before Christmas and the Saturday weigh in after Christmas.  This week has so far been pretty good – I still have some weekly points left – but given eating a larger meal on Christmas day, I expect to gain on Saturday when I weigh in.  A loss would be nice, but I’ll be happy with any gain that isn’t more than 1 pound, since I know the gain would be temporary due to the Christmas meal.

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