Post-Christmas Weigh In

I was happy to weigh in today at 158.8 pounds, which is no change from last week. Ordinarily, I would be a little disappointed with no change, but this week I was very happy with it.  I ended up going over my weekly points by 4 points this week.  That wasn’t stellar, of course, but given that it was Christmas week, I was happy with it.  I was very careful the day after Christmas, just eating my minimum daily points.  I had been up a pound on Friday morning, but that was gone this morning when I weighed in.  In fact, the display at Weight Watchers flickered down to 158.6 pounds briefly, but settled at 158.8 pounds.

The very first weigh in I recorded on this blog was on December 27th of 2013 and I was at 186.8 pounds there.  That leaves my weight loss for the year at 28 pounds.  That is basically half a pound a week.  I would have liked to have lost more, of course.  And, I’ll post more about that when I do my review of this year.  But, overall, I am glad that I stuck with it all and ended up the year 28 pounds lighter and less than 15 pounds away from my Weight Watchers goal weight of 146 pounds.

It has been more difficult the past few months, but I feel good about sticking with it and continuing to track what I eat every day.


    • Kitty says

      Thanks, it is always good to keep it in perspective. SO glad not to be carrying around that 28 pounds any more!

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