2014 Review

The second post I ever made to this blog was my 2013 review, at which time I was moderately happy that I had lost 9.6 pounds during 2013.  After the review, I came up with my goals for 2014.  And, now it is time to review those goals before setting 2015 goals.


Get to my Weight Watchers goal weight of 146. – This did not happen.  I was on track to achieve this for a good part of 2014.  I needed to lose about .75 pounds a week to achieve this and I ended up just over half a pound a week.

That said — I had huge progress on weight loss this year.  I lost 28 pounds to get from 186.8 pounds to 158.8 pounds.

I see some blogs giving letter grades for whether goals were met or not.  In one way, I could say that was – at best – a C.  On the other hand, it didn’t feel like a C.  It kinda feels more like a high B, maybe an A- even.  I knew when I set the goal to get to goal that it would be challenging for me.  I’ve always been a slow loser often losing closer to a quarter of a pound a week than three quarters of a pound.  And, as I get closer to goal, it gets harder.

And, the last part of the year was a struggle for me, with a long plateau.  To be honest, I’m just really happy to have struggled through it ended up in the 150s where I haven’t been since the 1990s.

Eat 5 fruits/vegetable a day. – I did not do well on this the last few months of the year.  I struggled with it early in the year, but made progress.  During the third or so of the year, I basically gave up on attempting to do anything on this.  Part of it was that I was struggling at that time and about the only thing I could focus on was not gaining weight.  I just couldn’t focus on this.

Reach my nutrition goals through diet. – See above.  Some progress on this early on the year, but not so much later in the year.  I do think my overall diet quality improved, but not as much as I had planned on.

1 hour of moderately vigorous activity 5 days a week. – This was something where I had to abandon this goal during the year.  That still upsets me because I had been doing really well on making progress on this goal. I had a trabecular bone injury during mid-year which caused me to have a use a walker non-weight bearing for several weeks.  I also found out I have very little cartilage in my left knee and that led to me walking less while trying to find exercises that would put less stress on the knees.  That said — once I could exercise again, I found it hard to get back into the swing of things.

I bought a recumbent exercise bike (which is great), joined the Y to use the elliptical and still have my treadmill for light walking.  And, yet, I’ve done very little activity the last 4 months.  For me, when I get out of the habit on exercise I find it hard to get back into it.

Walk 50000 steps a week (average of just over 7000 steps a day) – This turned out not to be a good goal for me.  Early on I was doing well on my steps goal.  And, my husband and I were walking outside often in our very hilly neighborhood.  And, then I had the trabecular bone injury which probably was caused by that very walking.  I can do some walking, but I have to be careful about it and it probably isn’t wise for me to set a specific steps goal.  I need to focus more on how I feel as I walk and making sure I don’t do anything that is stressful to my knee.

Row on my Concept2 rower 3 days a week for at least 45 minutes for each day. – Abandoned.  I found that the Concept2 was too stressful on my knees.  I replaced this with my exercise bike, but didn’t keep up with it the last few months.

Strength training 2 days a week. – I first started having knee pain while doing strength training at home.  I now have a long list of exercises to not do.  I rejoined the Y and was planning to work with a trainer there, but never quite got it scheduled.  My husband had rotator cuff surgery in the summer.  For months, he couldn’t go to the Y at all and has also been busy with physical therapy.  I could go to the Y by myself but prefer it if we can go together.

Eat less processed food and commercial frozen dinners. Cook more real food. –  I did reasonably well at this one.  I do still eat some commercial frozen foods, but I am careful about labels and try to eat those that use whole grains and have healthier ingredients.  

Rarely sit for more than an hour at a time.  Take frequent breaks from sitting. – I did better at this earlier in the year.  Later in the year — not so much.  I had a little program I used on my computer that would black out my screen every year, but I had problems with it and quit using it.  I need to go find a replacement.

Sleep 7.5 hours a day. – Not even close.  My progress on this one was non-existent.

OK, so that the specifics.  But, I also want to look at the big picture.  I lost 28 pounds.  I went from obese to only 12.8 pounds above my Weight Watchers goal.  I am eating healthier overall and I did exercise more this year than I have in prior years.  The leg injury and my knee problem seriously derailed me.  Part of it was that I didn’t feel all that clear about how much walking was OK to do once I was cleared to start exercising again.  On the one hand, walking doesn’t cause me any pain.  On the other hand, I know that I don’t have much cartilage under my left knee cap.  I would find it easier to know definitively that I could walk X steps a day, but I don’t have any thing that definitive.  Also, I’m uncertain about strength training since I don’t want to do anything to hurt my knee.  I think I’ve almost been in a state of decision paralysis for months.

And, I’ve not managed my time well.  I’ve spent too much time glued to the computer rather than getting up and moving more.  And, during the latter part of the year, I was hungrier and ate a little more which made weight loss harder.  All of which led to a plateau where I lost just over a pound in 3 months.

Still — I ended the year lower than I had been at any point during the year so I call the year reasonably successful.



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    I dunno Kitty. From my point of view, you had an amazingly successful year. I think it’s better to concentrate on the positive instead of the negative Losing 28 lbs when you’re a slow loser is amazing! And if you hadn’t been working to get the weight, you may very well have gained 28 lbs. So really – you lost 56 lbs this year! 😉

    And – didn’t you have some medical issues as well?? As they say, “at our age”…

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