2015 Goals – 1st Quarter

I am going to do 2015 goals a little differently from last year.  I thought I had a good plan then.  I created 2014 goals for the full year, then each month did interim goals to work toward getting to my overall goals.  At first this worked well.  But, around mid-year it was in a shambles.  Basically, things changed.  Due to a leg injury and knee problems many of my 2014 goals became impossible or inappropriate for me.  In some cases, it was clear that while the goal was still a good thing to aspire to…it wasn’t going to happen in 2014.  But, I felt locked into the goals since I had set at the beginning of the year what they would be.

The reality is that a year is a long time and life happens.  Sometimes goals that seemed great, no longer are appropriate or you want something different or maybe you even achieve them too easily.  On the other hand, I do think that having goals is important.  I do much better if I have something more concrete that I’m aiming for.  I thought about making monthly goals, but I do want to look ahead a bit farther than that.  So, I’m going to set goals for the first quarter of 2015.  At that time, I will set goals for the next quarter.  I also totally reserve the right to change my goals at any time if I think the goals no longer work for me.

I also think I set too many goals at one time last year.  I had 10 goals.  They were good goals at the time, but I have difficulty working on that many things at one time.  So this time I will set fewer goals.

2015, First Quarter Goals

Lose 8.9 pounds to get to at least 149.9 pounds – I was so tempted to make this lose 10.8 pounds to get to 148 pounds.  At 148 pounds, I would be 2 pounds over my Weight Watchers goal weight and wouldn’t have to pay for meetings.  I would love to be there by the end of March.  However, to do that I would need to lose at a higher rate than I lost early last year when I was losing .8 pounds a week.  But, early last year I weighed 28 pounds more than I way now so I had more of me to move around and I burned more calories than I burn now even if I do the same things.  And, I have to be more careful with my knee now.  So — while it is possible that if I am really consistent with exercise and found I could get to 148 or even 146 by the end of March — past history says it isn’t very likely.  A more realistic goal that I feel confident I can meet is to get to 149.9 pounds by then.  (It is, of course, possible that I won’t meet the goal, but I know it is doable).  I may change this to a daily calorie deficit goal but for now I’ll leave it at this.

Eat 3 fruits/vegetables every day – Yes, I’ve had this goal before and fallen short.  But, I do better when I have this as a goal.  When I don’t have a specific goal on this I tend to not do well on it at all.

Exercise at least 3 days a week – This is a step back from last year’s goal, but I haven’t been exercising at all for the last few months.  If I get back into this consistently I would look to move this goal up higher.  I do have to be careful of my knee so I don’t want to set something that is too much and might cause me to create more stress on it.

Better time/activity management – This is a terrible goal if you read all the stuff about goal setting.  It isn’t specific.  It isn’t measurable.  So, it is a “bad” goal.  I know exactly what it is I mean though.  I just have a hard time putting it into words.

One thing I have difficulty with is juggling doing different activities.  I’m not talking about multi-tasking.  I can do fine at, say, reading while watching TV.  Or, using my computer and switching from paying a bill to reading a news article to reading a blog.

What I am talking about is hard to put into words.  I often want to focus on something for a time and it consumes me and then suddenly I’m done with it.  That is sometimes good.  I can learn a great deal about something and become really proficient at it very quickly.  But, it has its negatives as well.  One of them is all the things I don’t do while I’m focusing on something else.

That is one reason I haven’t exercised much the past few months.  I got back into playing World of Warcraft.  I had taken an 8 month hiatus from it during most of 2014.  That was fine and I got a lot of other things done.  But, then I wanted to play again.  But, I have a tendency with stuff like that to pick one thing like that as my sole (or almost sole) leisure activity.  And, things like exercise and reading and other activities go by the wayside.  I want to balance all of these things better.  The other day I read the entire day.  It was very nice….but I didn’t exercise.  I want to manage my time better so that in a single day I can do some reading, play some WoW, exercise on the bike, etc.

Sleep 7 hours a day – I have had lifelong insomnia and difficulty getting to sleep.  I am a night owl in what seems like a world full of larks.  The past few months things have really gotten out of hand and I’ve been going to bed at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and then I’m exhausted the next day, which makes me not want to exercise or do anything.  And, then it is hard to get to sleep, and so on.  So, getting back to a more reasonable sleep cycle  with more sleep is very important.

I could add lots of other goals, but these are the most important and are what I will work on from now until the end of March (unless I change my mind).






  1. Kitty says

    You are so right about never giving up. I plateaued at the end of 2014….but I didn’t give up. So, while I quit doing a lot of the good things I had been doing I didn’t give up on the eating end so I didn’t gain weight. There was a time when I would have thrown in the towel entirely….

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