Saturday Weigh In

First Weight Watchers weigh in of 2015!  Sigh. I was up .2 of a pound to 159  pounds.  And, to be clear, I was right back where I was on the week before Thanksgiving:

Weigh Ins 159


So, one way to look at it is to say that I made absolutely no progress on weight loss during the last 6 weeks.  And, that has the virtue of being true.  At the same time, I can’t work up too much angst about it since there was Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all occurring during that time.  And this ended up being a very stressful time due to various family illnesses during this time.

I actually think that but for a couple of events I would have likely lost at least a little weight this week.  It was actually not a horrible week foodwise.  I did eat all my weekly points, but did not go over.  Still, my original plan had been to eat a lot of my weekly points, but not all of them .

I was expecting to be out of town for a day during this next week, during which I would eat out at least once.  However, plans changed and I found myself doing that trip on New Year’s Eve.  That was fine, but I had planned out my week’s eating with the assumption that I would not be eating out on New Year’s Eve.  That made it more difficult when my plans changed.  I was able to manage to not go over my weekly points, but I ended up eating a bit more this week than I had originally planned.  I still did better than I did during November, but not as well as expected.  So I adapted as well as I could, but I wasn’t surprised that it was enough to push the weight up a bit.

I did start in on working on my 2015 goals yesterday.  I was about to have a dinner that would have included no vegetables when I remembered my goal to eat 3 fruits and/or vegetables a day.  I was behind on that so I changed my plan to eat fish plus some Green Giant frozen vegetables, thereby adding in 2 vegetable servings.

Good WW meeting today.  The leader asked us who was happy the holidays were over and I almost couldn’t get my hand high enough.  I enjoyed the holidays actually and love that time of year.  But, from a weight standpoint, I’m glad to be able to get back into a regular routine.


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