Good Weekend & Soft Drink Decision

Just a quick post to say that I feel more on track this weekend.  I started doing more of what I was doing last year when successful.  I started eating more fruit as a snack than I’ve been doing lately.  When I went out to eat I was more careful with what I ate.  I ate 34 points both Saturday and today (26 are my daily points).  Lately, I’ve been going over 40 on too many weekend days.

I also feel that I haven’t been exercising because I’ve been tired because I’m not sleeping enough and that is partly because of too much caffeine.  Early last year, I quit buying boxes of Cherry Coke Zero (my favorite!) for the house because I just couldn’t moderate how much I was drinking.  I didn’t want to give them up entirely but was going to drink soft drinks (never with sugar — always Coke Zero or Diet Coke) only when out to eat or picking up one occasionally at the store.  During that time, I was drinking water or iced green tea at home (I use True Lemonade for flavor).

That worked reasonably well, but I was buying a lot of 20 oz. bottles of Coke Zero.  I would end up usually having 1 or 2 a day.  That was expensive so it was less expensive to buy the boxes and then drink 2 cans a day.

That logic is true, but over time I was drinking 4 or 5 a day.  And, drinking them late at night which made it harder to get to sleep.  I would then be exhausted the next day, so I wouldn’t want to exercise.  I know that to lose weight at a reasonable pace and for good health I want to exercise.  And, I don’t like being tired all the time.  So, this weekend I decided to go back to the old way.  No boxes of canned drinks in the house and occasionally bottles of Coke Zero (and much more occasional than before — not every day).

Today I finished off my last 2 cans of Cherry Coke Zero.  I drank water the rest of the day and we made green tea to have in the morning (maybe that will help with not having the caffeine from the Coke Zero).  I’m hoping this will allow me to get my sleep cycle in better shape, so I won’t be as tired and can get back to regular exercise.


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    Good job on getting rid of the soda. I drink a lot anyway – more than a gallon of liquid a day, but I was a huge soda drinker for years – and I mean a BIG diet soda drinker. I’ll have a soda every once in a while, but now I much prefer unsweetened tea and water. I’m gonna try to drink more water than tea this year.

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