Walking Again!

Finally, I got back to walking again!

Walk 1-5-2015

The weather was good – about 60 degrees and sunny – and my husband suggested a walk.  We walked one of the milder (less hilly) routes that we used to walk.  I am staying away from the walks we did that had a lot of steep hills.  We had walked the route once in December (a circuit around a large block near our house) and this time I felt good enough that we did 2 circuits, walking for 42 minutes.  The above is the data my heart rate monitor sent to Digifit (which sends the data to Fitbit which then sends my activity information to Weight Watchers).

Afterwards, I was looking at my Digifit records and realized that, except for that one walk in December, my last recorded activity had been on October 1st.  I did a fair amount of recumbent bike exercising in September (average of about 3 times a week) and then I just stopped after October 1.  And, of course, it has been since then that I’ve been on a plateau.

I can really see the difference in calorie burn on days I do some activity versus days I don’t.  Monday I was home most of the day, although we did go out for lunch.  I was mostly sitting and Fitbit says I burned 1396 calories and walked 1489 steps.  On Tuesday, I didn’t go out and sat most of the day (although I tried to do a bit better at getting up periodically during the day).  But, I had that 41 minute walk.  Fitbit says that I walked 6029 steps and burned 1643 calories!  That is the first time I’ve burned that many calories in months.

So, just a good reminder to me of how much difference just one walk can make.

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