Exercise Bike Again

After not using the exercise bike since October 1, I finally used it again today.  I actually had planned to walk outside today but it was much colder and I don’t get along well with the cold (it literally makes me break out in welts).  So, I decided to use the bike.  I had ordered a new Polar H7 heart monitor from Amazon.  I had a Wahoo HR Bluetooth heart rate monitor that I actually like just fine.  But, the Polar is compatible with more fitness equipment, including my Vision recumbent bike.  After receiving the the new heart rate monitor I was puzzled why I couldn’t get Digifit to recognize the sensor.  It took entirely too long for me to finally realize that I actually had to have it on me to set it up.

Once I had it working, I did 50 minutes on the exercise bike.  I could tell I had been away for 3 months because thighs starting hurting using it on resistance level 1.  My heart rate wasn’t that high, not as much as on my walk the other day, but I couldn’t really pedal faster with my thighs hurting.  Instead, I settled for a long session.  I also watch TV when I use the exercise bike, otherwise it is just too boring.  I save stuff I’ve recorded on the TV and then watch it while I bike.  I like a lot of the HGTV shows so mostly watch those (today was Love It or List It which is sort of a guilty pleasure).

Food was good today and it has overall been a good week.  I still have 18 weekly points left with one day left in my Weight Watchers week.  On my scale I’m down about a 1.4 pounds from last Saturday, but I often jump up a pound or so on Friday or Saturday morning.  I think I’ll have some sort of loss on Saturday (and I’ll be irritated if I don’t have one).

It feels good to get back to what was working for me last year.


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