Aggravating Weigh In

On the one hand, I lost weight this week.  I lost .2 pounds, to get to 158.8 pounds. On the other hand, it was aggravating because I’ve been here before!

1-10-2015 Weigh in

What is super aggravating to me was that I had a great week.  My eating was really good.  I ended the week with 18 weekly points and 5 activity points left over.  This was better than the last few weeks.  I also exercised twice (90 minutes total), which I hadn’t done in months.  I walked one day outside and rode the exercise bike the other.  So, I burned more calories.

According to data from Fitbit and food calories from recording at MyFitnessPal, I had a calorie deficit of 2046 calories this week.  For the 5 weeks prior to this week, my calorie deficit (in reverse order) was 1315, 1294, 1262, 1747, and 1789.  Now, I recognize these aren’t exact, but the point is that my calorie deficit this week was more, but I’m back where I was on December 20th.  This was also aggravating as my weight on the scale was a little less a couple of days ago and I ate fine on Thursday and Friday (29 points and 26 points, respectively).

Sometimes, this kind of thing tends to cause me I tend to use this kind of thing as an excuse to lose focus.  I am determined not to do that this time. I actually think I may have an idea what is going on with my weight jumping up at the end of the week.  I need to look back at my 2014 data, but if I’m right I’ll post about it soon.

One thing that I did do was exercise today.  I was really tired today.  I didn’t sleep well last night, not getting to sleep until after 4:30 (I went to bed, just not to sleep).  After Weight Watchers, we went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes.  I was happy with my choices there, so felt good about that.  However, by the time we got home I was really tired.  I played on the computer awhile then took a break to read through a blog (I love to find an existing blog with a large archive and then go back and read it straight through).  While I was doing this, though, I was almost dropping my iPad because I keep drifting off to sleep.  I finally decided to take a 30 minute nap.  I never fell asleep but stayed there 45 minutes (I thought the alarm was set, but it wasn’t).  I decided to get up and was just going to read.

But, then I decided that being tired wasn’t really a good excuse for no activity today.  I’m only at about 1500 steps right now.  It was way too cold to walk outside today, but I had that recumbent bike just sitting there.

Bike 1

So, I put on the heart rate monitor, hopped on, put the iPad on the stand and read the blog while doing a low intensity 40 minute walk.

Digifit 1-10-2015


This wasn’t the most intense workout ever and my heart rate didn’t get very high, but I burned a whole lot more calories than I would have just sitting on the bed reading!


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