Working on Balance

Trying to have another balanced day with good time management.  And, I’m happy with how it has worked out.

I decided last night (after I went to bed) that I wouldn’t play World of Warcraft today except for a very short time to do some specific things.  I had some stuff I needed to get done today and decided to prioritize those things.

Last night I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep (sometime after 4:30) and so I slept until about 10:30.  I got up, did some work, and then caught up the news and played WoW for about 20 to 30 minutes.  Then, I logged out with the intent to not log back in the rest of the day (and I didn’t).

I ate the Cinnamon Crunch Bagel from Panera for breakfast (this was at about 11:00 so not that early).  At 1:30, I forgot I had eaten it and thought I should eat lunch since I hadn’t eaten anything.  I wasn’t all that hungry but cooked a TaDah Falafel Wrap that is 430 calories (11 Points).  I had started eating it when I remembered I had eaten the bagel….

So, it was 1:30 and I had already eaten 22 of my 26 daily points.

I spent a lot of the afternoon doing paperwork and just stuff around the house.  We really needed to go to the grocery store, but I was procrastinating because it was cold, but I finally told my husband we should just go ahead and go.  The one advantage of going is that at least I got some steps in.

After we came back, I ordered my daughter’s books for the semester (her school started back today) and talked to her awhile about her classes.  Then, I went and read for awhile (I’m reading through a long blog from the start and am about 60% of the way through it). While I was reading, I had 3 ounces of rotisserie chicken (4 points) and half a cup of blueberries and half a cup of strawberries.  And, a small bag of 2 point Popchips.  So, I’ve had 28 points so far and will probably end up with a 2 or 3 point snack later.

Now, I’m going to go and walk a little while on the treadmill.  I didn’t want to exercise heavy today, but tomorrow I probably won’t exercise at all since I’ll be away during most of the afternoon.  I’m planning to take off tomorrow from exercise at this point.

Edit:  Walked for 30 minutes at not terribly high intensity.  Had a 3 point Vitapoint and will read for the rest of the evening.  Probably exercise again on Wednesday.



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