Weigh In and Experiment Result

I weighed in today at 158.4 pounds, down .4 of a pound.  While this is not a huge loss, it is better than I’ve had since before Christmas so I will take it!  And, this puts me at exactly 49 pounds down so I’m eagerly anticipating getting to 50 pounds down (if all goes well, by the end of the month).

I consider my experiment a fairly good success.  I ended up averaging the same amount of calories by day this week as last week, but this week I showed a .4 loss versus .2 last week.  Some of it that was undoubtedly my much greater activity this week, but I do think that eating out yesterday did help.  This week I probably won’t eat out next Friday (but will be less afraid of doing so if I happened to be out and about), but will try to eat a larger midday meal with a goodly amount of fiber and we’ll see what happens.

Overall, I was really happy with the week.  I exercised 5 days (one day was only a 20 minute low intensity walk, but I will still count it).  I felt energized and enthusiastic about working to get past my plateau.  I slept better the past week.  I’m not where I want to be on it, but I’m doing better.

I’ve cut way back on drinking diet soft drinks.  Some days I’ve had none (substituting iced green tea and water).  Other days I’ve had a Coke Zero when dining out or occasionally when out running errands and sometimes bought one to have in the morning (like today, when I was going to my WW meeting, but then I had none on Friday).

Eating more fruits and vegetables is going well (I just had a large salad).  I’m not entirely happy with what I’m eating otherwise.  I think the amount is fine, but there are some things I plan to change.  More about that later.


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