Weigh In – Down Again!

For the third week in a row I weighed in with a loss, losing .2 pounds to get to 49.2 pounds lost.

WW 1-24-15

No, this wasn’t the biggest loss in the world.  But, it is the first time since September that I’ve had a loss for 3 consecutive weeks.  Since then I’ve every few weeks either had a gain or just a week with no change.  It is nice to have 3 weeks of losses.

I do think my loss would have BEEN higher had I not basically been so inactive the last few days.  I didn’t feel well and basically didn’t do much starting on Wednesday.  I had planned all along to not exercise on Wednesday (I had 4 days in a row before Wednesday).  I was out during a lot of the day and was just really tired when I got home (the next day I realized I was actually sick).  Thursday, I didn’t feel well at all.  I did a 40 minute very low intensity exercise bike ride.  By the time I did that I was just sick of sitting/laying around all day and it really did make me feel better just to move my legs.  That didn’t burn a huge amount of calories, though, since I was doing this at low intensity.  Friday, I still didn’t feel well so didn’t do anything.  I think that had I felt better on those days and been able to do well I would have had a better week.

From a food standpoint I had a good week.  The biggest danger for me was on Friday.  I had 14 weekly points left and had about 14 activity points, so I could have eaten pretty much what I wanted to on Friday.  I was really feeling sorry for myself since I had felt bad for 3 days.  And, I really wanted to soothe those feelings with food.  And, I did have the points to do it.  That said, I was really where I wanted to be in terms of points for the week and I knew I would weigh in on Saturday.  So, while I could have eaten something decadent on Friday (and still be within my available points), I also knew that it would just momentarily make me feel better.  Afterwards, I would wish that I hadn’t strayed from what I planned for the day.

To me, it really helps me to try to focus on my goal of losing weight and asking whether that is more important than eating X right then.  And, really, losing weight and sticking to what I had planned was more important to me.  So, I ended up having the evening meal and snack I had planned (sadly, not at all decadent).  And, of course, today I’m glad that I did stick with that plan.

I am not 100% yet, but I’m feeling much better today than I was for the last 3 days.  I want to get back into activity and continue on with where I was last week before I got sick.



  1. Dana Grant says

    Love your blog, Kitty! You add so much insight to the WW meetings, I’m glad to know you. Keep on becoming “less of a Better you!”

  2. says

    Hi Kitty,

    Glad you are feeling better! And congrats on 3 consecutive weeks of weight loss! Love how you talk with yourself to keep yourself on track and focused on your bigger goals. As a lifetime WW for decades I still do the same thing 🙂 There are just so many temptations in our world waiting to derail us from our goals! You are an inspiration.
    martha@simple-nourished-living recently posted…Weight Watchers + Michael Pollan’s Food Rules: Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.My Profile

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