Good Decisions, Bad Decisions

When losing weight, there are so many decisions to be made.  Sometimes, they are good decisions.  Other times, they are bad decisions.  So far this year, I have felt that I have made way more good decisions than bad decisions.

A big area for me has been increasing my exercise.  I had basically just not done much for the last 3 months of the year, only a couple of scattered attempts.  But, I’ve really been working on it this month.  This week (I consider the week as starting on Saturday as that is when my Weight Watchers week starts), I’ve exercised 5 out of 6 day.  I took over Wednesday simply because I don’t want to do too much with my knee.  I’ve felt great that I’ve stuck with it.  Today, I was out of the house most of the day, but when I got home I suggested to my husband that we go on a walk and I felt great about it.

I was particularly happy that I burned 6.1 calories burned per minute average, which meant it was a good workout for me.  It wasn’t very fast (23.03 pace per mile), but it was in our hilly neighborhood so was more strenuous than it might appear.  I’ve avoided some of the really steep hills, since those are more likely to irritate my knees.

This week has been great for good weather, so I want to take advantage of it to walk outside while I can.  And, I’ve been glad that I have stuck with it.

On the bad decision front, I had leftover Christmas candy last night, 10 points plus worth (about 300 calories).  Now, technically, it wasn’t awful.  I had the points available.  I have one more day left in my Weight Watchers week and even after eating that candy, I still have 21 weekly points left, plus 10 activity points that I could eat if I wanted to.  So, the candy wasn’t awful from a weight loss perspective.

Still, it was a bad decision.  I really try to limit how much I eat that is just pure junk with no nutritional benefit at all.  And, this was just pure junk (fun-size Butterfinger, Reese’s peanut butter mini cups, etc.).  It had no redeeming social value at all.  And, here’s the thing.  It really wasn’t that good.  Which utterly shocked me because I just love Butterfingers.  But, I don’t know, it was just all kind of cloyingly sweet and just wasn’t that great.

It isn’t that I don’t like chocolate.  I eat a square (about 60 to 70 calories worth) of dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) on several days a week.  That is something that I think does have nutritional benefits.  And, I’m able to just eat the predetermined amount and I’m not even tempted to eat more.  I savor it and eat it very slowly and then I’m done with it.

But, this Christmas candy just wasn’t as good.  It was just … too sweet.  Huh.  So, maybe eating it wasn’t that bad a decision since I learned something from it.  I actually ate more than I planned to at the start of it since I ate it and wasn’t that wowed by it.  So, I ate some more (different candy) thinking maybe I would like it more.  But, really, I was just sorry that I had wasted 10 points on it….


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