The Day Before

The Day Before….Weigh In.  I think I invest it with so much because I’m actually going somewhere to be “officially” weighed in.  That someone makes me more than it would be just stepping on the scales in the bathroom.

So, on The Day Before, I often think about the week so far and where I am and try really hard not to do anything that might result in a bad weigh in the next day.

I’ve overall happy with this week.  I’ve exercised 6 out of 7 days, averaging about 45 minutes a session.  Weather was good so most of it was outside but I did do a little treadmill.  Since the weather was good for walking outside, I did that rather than the exercise bike.

I’ve been really happy on the eating front, except for that Christmas candy on Wednesday night.  Yesterday, I was eating lunch away from home with a boxed lunch that I had no control over the contents.  It wasn’t what I would have chosen but I felt OK about how I handled it.

I am a little …. perturbed with scale.  After weighing in last Saturday at 158.2 pounds, I was happy to see a number below 158 on Sunday morning.  Then, on Sunday I was down to 157.2 pounds on my home scale.  And then Monday and Tuesday I was at 157 pounds.  Of course, at home I weigh without clothes so it will be a bit less than at Weight Watchers.  On the other hand, my current scale at home weighs “heavy” so usually my WW weigh in weight is only a couple of tenths of pounds more.

So that was all great and it sure looked like I would get my 50 pound award this week for getting to 157.4 pounds.  Until….yesterday.

Yesterday I was up from 157 to 157.6.  That was bad enough.  But, this morning I was up to 157.9 pounds!  Yes, the food yesterday probably had a bit more sodium.  Yes, I ate a bit more on Wednesday (about 1300 calories) due to the Christmas candy.  But, come on!  My overall calories eaten for this week is less than for last week.  My calories burned is higher than it has been since before my leg injury.  I’ve had several days this week with calorie deficits of over 500.  I should end the week with a daily average calorie deficit about a 100 calories more than I averaged last week.   And, I’m doing reasonably well on the bathroom front (not 100%, but better than in the past).

And, for all that, I’m up .9 of a pound from where I was Wednesday morning.  Sigh.  I’m hoping that this is a sodium thing, but yesterday really wasn’t that high in sodium.

I actually considered going and weighing in on Wednesday when I was at 157 pounds.  I didn’t do it because I wanted to get to 50 pounds lost at “my” meeting.  And, right now it is looking like it probably won’t be this week.

(Yes, I know I’m whining.  I’ll stop now.)

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