NWI – I Forgot

No, I didn’t forget to weigh in.  I forgot that we had a conflict today as my daughter was having a belt test in karate today.  The logistics to get to the WW meeting and back home to take my daughter to her test didn’t work, so no weigh in today.

I did weigh on my home scale this morning and I was down from yesterday.  I think I would have weighed in at .6 pounds down, possibly at .8 which would have been my 50 pound star.  I feel sure I will get it next Saturday though.

I took today off from exercise.  I was tired and my allergies were bothering me.  I want to take a rest day from exercise every 2 to 3 days so this was a good day to do it.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been measuring my blood glucose to try to find out what foods raise my blood sugar.  I will post more about that when I get more data.  Some of the data has been unsurprising and other parts were a little surprising.  I did find that some foods are raising my blood sugar more than I would like.  None of it is really terrible, but I think I will be changing some of what I eat. I’ve found, for example, that eating something with one whole wheat tortilla is doesn’t raise my blood sugar very much.  On the other hand, the Mexican food that I had today definitely was not good for my blood sugar.  (I don’t go to the Mexican food restaurant very often and today has convinced me that I will go there even more seldom and that chips are off the table for me).

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