Looking At January

At the beginning of the year instead of setting annual goals (too long) or monthly goals (too short), I set goals for the first quarter of the year.  Since January is over I want to check in on where I am right now.

Lose 8.9 pounds to get to at least 149.9 pound  – To meet this goal by the end of March, I would need to lose about 3 pounds a month.  In January, I lost .6 pounds.  Now, I did miss the last weigh in and I think I would have lost about .6 of a pound at that weigh in.  Even so, I’m way behind on this one.  But, I don’t feel that bad about it because I feel I have laid the foundation for a lot of really good stuff to happen going forward.

Eat 3 fruits/vegetables every day  – Almost.  I was at an average of 2.5 a day.  That isn’t great, but it is much better than I was doing before.  I plan to do better during February.

Exercise at least 3 days a week – I did this.  In fact, I exercised on 18 days out of 31, I way exceeded this goal.  What will be important to staying consistent with this over time.

Better time/activity management – I posted several times about this during the month.  My word for 2015 is “Balance.”  And, trying to balance my activities is very important to me.  This is still a work in progress, but I have made a lot of improvements here.

Sleep 7 hours a day – I don’t have the wristband right now that I need with my current Fitbit to really track this.  I do think I am sleeping a bit better.  I’ve gotten onto a better sleep schedule and have been going to bed closer to 2:00 am then 3:00 or 4:00 (yes, I know even that isn’t wonderful).  This is one that I made progress on, but I want to do much better.

Talking about other stuff in January, this was a terrific month.  This is the first month that I’ve been back close to where I was before my leg injury.  I walked the most average steps per day 4253 in January) since last April.  I burned over 1500 calories a day on average for the first time since last May.  My eating was basically almost exactly what my average was per day during 2014 which I’m very content with.  Since I was burning more calories though, my average daily calorie deficit was 345 calories. I really want it to be 500.  But….345 is the most it has been since last May.

Mentally, I am just in a much better frame of mind.  I was startled by some of my medical lab results, but I have taken steps to work on the problem areas.  So, even with that, I feel great about how January went, even though I didn’t have a huge weight loss.




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