52 Pounds Gone – Weigh In

I weighed in today and news was great!

Weigh in 2-7

I was down 2.8 pounds to get to 155.4 pounds! What I was really super happy about was that I received my 50 pound charm as this put my total weight loss at 52 pounds!

50 pound charm

I was ridiculously happy to get this charm (I felt at times I would never get there).

This week also is a marker of another significant milestone for me (although I will be putting a light asterisk beside it).  This is my lowest weight at any point in the last 20 years. After my son was born in 1994, I was at 180 pounds post-pregnancy.  I had been 163 pounds when I become pregnant (I had recently gained 10 pounds while we were busy with building a house and moving — moving is just deadly to my weight loss efforts).

Anyway, from time to time after that I would record my weight in a spreadsheet.  If I was going to Weight Watchers I would record WW my Weight Watchers weight.  When I wasn’t going to meetings I would sometimes weigh myself at home and record my weight (when I was at least thinking about losing weight).

The first entry in the spreadsheet is 180.25 pounds on March 16, 1995.  The second entry is 185 pounds about 15 months later.  And that marked a time where I regularly weighed for several months and my weigh lowly dropped.  And, then, in December, I had my tibial transfer knee surgery.  In was in the low 160s at the time.  After I started going to physical therapy my weight started dropping even more and on March 1, 1997 I weighed 155.75 pounds (at home).  By April 5th I weighed 165 pounds.  I remember what happened.  I finished physical therapy, got sick and couldn’t exercise (by then I was doing a lot of exercise at home).  Once I started feeling better I regained weight.

After that weight of 155.75 pounds, the lowest I ever got to was 156.5 pounds 2 years later when I was working with the trainer in my home.  After we moved then, I never got below 160 pounds again until just the past few months.  So, finally getting below 155.75 pounds is a huge deal to me.  The last time I was below that weight was several months pre-pregnancy.

This week was a very difficult week.  I had some difficult, stressful things going on the latter part of the week.  I was away from home at times I didn’t plan to be away from home.  Because of all this, I wasn’t able to exercise on Thursday and Friday and ended the week with only 3 exercise sessions.

It was hard to stay focused on eating on plan the Thursday and Friday.  Both days were stressful.  Friday I was away from home in a situation where I had no ability to eat anything for most of the day.  When I could I was really tempted to eat out before going home (almost an hour drive), but I knew I had weigh in today and I knew it had been a great week weightwise and I didn’t want to do anything that might blow my getting my 50 pound medal.  So we came home and ate instead.

Why the mental asterisk on the 155.4 pounds?  I don’t think I legitimately lost 2.8 pounds since my last weigh in.  Thursday and Friday I didn’t eat a lot and it was very low in carbohydrates.  I didn’t really plan things that way, but that is what happened.  I think that part of what I lot was simply water weight and I expect that part to come back as I eat more normally over today and tomorrow.  I do think I legitimately have a 50 pounds loss and maybe close to a 51 pound loss.  But, I really will not be surprised to see a pound or so of what I’ve lost come back.  Nonetheless, I am still happy to be where I am today.


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