Tough Week and NWI

This was a difficult week.  Had a lot of really stressful stuff going on.  I was away from home quite a bit  and, as a result, ended up eating out a bit more than usual.  And, I did not make it to my WW meeting Saturday morning.  I was just exhausted from this week and chose to sleep in.

It was still a good week overall.  I did manage to walk outside 3 days for about 50 minutes average or so each time.  My calories burned for the week were a bit higher than last week.  Due to the eating out, I ended up eating a bit more this week.  As a result my calorie deficit was less, but was still OK.  Fitbit says I should have lost about .6 pounds this week.  I actually would have had a small gain had I gone to my meeting. Some of the weight that I lost last week I felt wasn’t totally “real” and I expected to get some of it back this week.  That would have happened, but most of the weight loss would have stayed.

This week was just stressful, to try to stay on track eating when I had a lot going on.  I wasn’t totally happy with what I did.  Last week I really ate less food than I normally want to eat, while this week was just a little higher than I want to eat.  Still, this was the kind of week that used to would have entirely derailed me.  So, I’m fairly happy with it.  And, glad that I did manage to get 150 minutes exercise this week.



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