Saturday Weigh in

Saturday’s weigh in was pretty good.  I was down .6 pounds to 154.8 pounds.  The bad news was that I had a 102 fever and felt wretched so all I did was weigh in and then go straight home (thanks to my husband being willing to drive me there and back).  I think part of this traces back to last Tuesday (the day we ate at Denny’s).  I was in a situation where I had to spend an hour outside in the cold and blowing wind.  Perhaps that knocked my resistance down.

I’ve been sick since Friday and still feel achy and have a fever.  I’ve spent most of this weekend in bed.  I haven’t burned very many calories, but I haven’t been very hungry so I’m OK from a point standpoint.

I was super unhappy to feel so bad on Saturday.  Saturday was our 23rd wedding anniversary and we were going to go out to dinner.  I had thought about it carefully and had chosen an Italian restaurant where I could watch my carbs (no pasta) and my calories.  Currently, we have postponed the dinner out until I feel better.  My husband also got a little bit sick and had a fever for one day, but it didn’t hit him as hard as it hit me.

So, no exercise since Thursday, but food has been  good.  And, I was super happy to be back in the 154s for the first time since 1993.  I’m only 6.8 pounds away from being considered lifetime at goal when I weigh in.  And, only 8.8 pounds from my goal weight.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that, but I’m just tired to say much about it right now.


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    I just had an illness, with both me and my hubs, on V-Day, so I know *kind of* how you feel – on your 23rd anniversary is definitely tough-er though! Sorry this happened to you and hope you keep feeling better. Don’t rush it, listen to your body and take the time you need to recuperate. Don’t think of time not exercising as time you FAILED to exercise, but as time your muscles and skeleton NEED to recover and recharge, and be strong and ready for you again. No worries to take a bit of time off exercise once in a while!
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