Saturday Weigh In

This was actually  a really good week.  I exercised (walked or the exercise bike) 5 days.  I also ate a little less than last week and my average daily calorie deficit (per Fitbit) was 430…which theoretically would be about a .8 loss.  Now, usually I don’t lose quite as much as the Fitbit calorie deficit (I realize that is somewhat of an estimate and isn’t totally accurate so that is OK).  The week before this, for example, Fitbit would have predicted a loss of .6 based on calorie deficit, but I actually weighed in with a .4 loss.  So, I was hoping for a .6 loss which would have given me a 5 pound star for losing 55 pounds.

Despite the great week….this was not to be.  In fact, I weighed in for a .4 gain, putting me back at 155.4 pounds.  This was extremely annoying to me.  I know it isn’t a real gain.  I think this is related to what I’ve posted about before.  This was one of those weeks where I ate closer to the minimum the last 3 days of the weeks and that often means no loss.

So, the last couple of days of the week I could see my weight going up even though I was eating great and exercising.   I plan to just continue for this week, but try to even out my eating more evenly throughout the week so that I’m eating more toward the end of the week, but keep the overall amount of eating similar.


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    oh, how it sucks when that happens. Just trust your process. I’m sure you’ll see a nice blip in the right direction soon. 🙂

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    that sounds frustrating ! but, the trend should still end up going downwards, though. also you could just try some miralax on Fridays (LOL) . I’d keep the dose small to start.
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