No Saturday Weigh In

I didn’t weigh in on Saturday.  My husband was sick and we usually go together.  Also, I had to get up earlier than usual Thursday and Friday, and just wanted to sleep in on Saturday morning.

Overall, my week was OK.  Food was within the range I want to eat at.  Activity was a little lower than I had planned, mostly due to my husband being sick, my having to run more errands than usual, and bad weather.  We have a lot going on right now and we are both having to do a lot of errands and driving around.  And, some of that ends up lasting most of the day in a situation where I can’t take food, so I have to eat out more than usual.  It did OK last week, but it made the week stressful.  It is going to be another 6 weeks before things get back to a more typical schedule.

The big other thing this week was that I – once again – decided to give up soft drinks with artificial sweeteners.  I’ve tried this before, usually trying it where I don’t buy a 12 pack for the house but will drink one dining out or get one when I am out and about.  The problem is that that tends to morph into then stopping at the convenience store and buying 2 or 3 20 ounce drinks for the house… every day.  That ends up being expensive and I still end up drinking as much as I would drink if I was buying a 12 pack.

So – this time – I’ve decided this is just going to be one of those things that I give up entirely.  I don’t often do that, but I think this is something that where having soft drinks even at restaurants risks being a trigger for me.  I am going to treat soft drinks with artificial sweeteners like I do soft drinks with sugar.  Basically, not even consider having them (the exception for both would be a situation where I was super thirsty and away from home and there were no other options for something to drink.  That doesn’t happen often, but it rarely comes up).

What am I drinking instead?  In the morning I’m having a glass to iced green tea.  I put one True Lemonade packet in it.  This has a tiny bit of sugar and stevia.  A packet is 10 calories.

Then, for the rest of the time I’m either having LaCroix Sparkling Water (or other similar water) or just plain water.

So far, it has gone well.  The green tea helps me from a caffeine standpoint.  I was a little tired this week for the first few days after I quit drinking the soft drinks, but that seems to have passed.



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    good job on giving up the artificial sweetners in the diet sodas. Your body thinks it is sugar, it reacts like its sugar, plus the chemicals, so a very wise choice!

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      About a year ago I decided to give up at home, but kept drinking them at home and then I got back into it although at a slightly reduced level. It has turned out that this is something that I really think I have to just give up entirely. So far it is going well.
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    Kitty, it took me many, many tries to give up my daily Diet Coke. I can really relate to this struggle! I finally kicked it a year ago. The sparkling water really does help and is a nice treat. I even just get seltzer or “soda” water at restaurant soda fountains sometimes, as a treat from plain water (though water is free, and seltzer costs the same as a soda, grumble grumble). Your green tea and true lemon remedy also sounds very good. I also like a squeeze of liquid monk fruit extract as a drink sweetener, when I have that.
    But I also like drinking things unsweetened, mostly because I really like the effect that has, over time, on my sense of sweetness. It really increases, which I find a powerful tool. Good luck! Remember, one day at a time. In the deepest of struggles, just one hour at a time, even, or quarter-hour. You’ll get there.
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      Oh, good idea about getting the soda water at the restaurant fountain. Might try that sometime. So far, this try at quitting soft drinks is going better than it ever has before. I think that not drinking them while out and about is really helping.
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