First Quarter Goal Results

This year, instead of annual goals, I set first quarter goals.  And, now it is time to go over them (which I am doing instead of talking about March specifically).

Lose 8.9 pounds to get to at least 149.9 pounds – This didn’t happen.  I weighed 158.8 pounds at the end of December.  My lowest weight was 153 on March 14th and it jumped up to 153.4 on March 21st.  I didn’t weigh in on the 28th, but I don’t think it was any higher and may have been lower.

At best, I lost 5.8 pounds.  While this goal was probably my “biggest” goal, I’m actually not upset about not making it.  I had been on a horrendous plateau for months.  And I finally got out of it.  And, there was a lot that happened this quarter that made it hard.  I had some times in February that were super stressful.  Also, I was sick for a couple of weeks.  And, we are currently in a situation where we have a lot of driving around we have to do and places to go so I’m away from home more often in situations where I really have to eat out.  This won’t last forever (another month), but it made working on weight loss more difficult.

Also, as I get closer to my goal weight of 146 pounds, it is harder to lose.  I feel positive about where I am overall right now in my weight loss journey and I have complete confidence that I will get to my goal.

Eat 3 fruits/vegetables every day -This was a struggle at times for me.  I always intended to do it, but often didn’t particularly if I was busy or sick. I didn’t do this for the whole quarter, but by the last part of March I was meeting this consistently.  One of the big themes for me of this quarter was really thinking about what I eat and how I want to eat in the future to maintain my weight loss and promote good health for me.  And, by the end of March I had mostly figured out what to do and had found a way to eat more fruits and vegetables each day.

Exercise at least 3 days a week – I actually thought I hadn’t met this one.  With being sick and doing so much running around I hadn’t been able to do as much as I wanted and there were a couple of weeks when I did nothing.  But, I went back and looked at my workouts on Digifit and found that I had actually exercised on an average of 3.7 days per week.

Better time/activity management – This was about juggling doing different activities.  I wanted to able to, in a single day, do things like reading, exercising, playing World of Warcraft, along with doing all the tasks that I need to be doing.  I think I made good progress on this goal.  I would say this was about 80% met.  I definitely have improved a lot on this.

Sleep 7 hours a day – I struggled with this one.  Certainly early in the year I didn’t do well on it.  But, I have definitely gotten better.  Given up diet soft drinks (with their caffeine) has definitely helped.  I do drink a green tea each morning and that has some caffeine, but it is weigh less than I was drinking before.  And I’m getting into bed at least an hour earlier than I was before.

Overall, even though I didn’t meet my weight loss goal for this quarter, I am very satisfied with my progress on trying to be less of a better me.


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    Great job, Kitty! You DID have some pretty daunting obstacles, this past quarter. You should be very proud at how you’ve responded. I know I’m proud of you! I bet you are going to kick serious you-know-what this quarter, and before you know it, sometime this summer, reach your goal weight! 🙂

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